How to exit Mega

Mega is a service where you can create an account completely free to host your files on a 50GB drive by logging in to However, when you no longer need to use an account, you must end your session so that no other user can access the files it contains.

As always, we provide you with completely updated information, so today we will show you how to exit Mega, on different devices. Prevent strangers from logging into your Mega account, your free storage space where you can safely store all your files.

  1. How to close the current session in Mega
  2. Quit MegaSync for PC
  3. Quit Mega on Android Devices
  4. Log out of other devices

How to close the current session in Mega

Finding an opportunity can be difficult for many. exit Mega. This often happens because there is no button explicitly labeled "Logout". For this reason, we will briefly and simply explain to you how it is done. Let's get a look,

  1. The first thing you need to do is go to top right side of the Mega interface.
  2. There you will see icon in the form of three horizontal stripes. Clicking the icon will display a number of options for managing your Mega account.
  3. If you look closely, you will see that there is an option that says: "Disable" Here you have to click to close the session.

It is important that whenever you finish using Mega, you close your session as we have explained, because even when you close the browser, your account will still remain open. This may be dangerous to the security and/or privacy of your account as your files may be compromised; especially if you are using a PC or a frequently used device.

Now you can put this into practice on an online platform; However for exit the Mega application which you install on your computer, the steps vary, but it is still always very easy to do.

Quit MegaSync for PC

Mega provides a PC application called MEGAsync. With this software you can automatically sync all your files both which you have saved on your computer in the MEGAsync folder, like the ones you save on the site.

Now this application starts when you turn on the computer, so it is always open; This allows you to sync as you add documents and saves you from having to log in every time you want to save something to the cloud.

  1. In case you need close or exit the Mega applicationyou just need to go to the left side of the taskbar.
  2. Click where it says "Show hidden icons" There should be a Mega icon there, right click on it and select the optionGo out"

With these simple steps you will already be able to log out of Mega. Nevertheless, Please note that when you restart your computer, the application will start again.. To prevent this from happening, you must change your computer's startup settings.

Quit Mega on Android Devices

Mega, your cloud storage You can also install it on your Android device.. This application has a rather elegant and minimalistic design.

Moreover, its best quality is that it does not have unnecessary options and is quite easy to use.

From the Home screen, you can do things like upload and download files, add folders, view your profile, and more.

It's also very easy to get out..

  1. To do this you must do Click on the menu at the top right, the icon is represented by three dots.. When the panel opens, you will be able to see various options for your account.
  2. Now you just need to click where it says "Disable"and that's it, you will already exit Mega from your Android device.

Log out of other devices

Many apps offer the ability to log out of other devices, and Mega is no exception. Thanks to the security settings it provides to users, you will be able to see History of Megasessions so that you can check if your account is being used by someone unauthorized and disable it.

It's worth mentioning that If Mega detects any suspicious activity on our account, it will notify us.; But it doesn't hurt to be careful and check it yourself. To find out if a person has logged into our account without permission or if you just want to log out of other/all devices, follow these steps:

  1. Go to "Settings" is the gear icon in the left panel.
  2. Go to option "Safety"
  3. When you click below you will see the option "Session history"
  4. What you should do with this information is to check if there is any information you don't know and click the "Disable" This will log you out of that device.

It displays a list of all accesses to your Mega account. This list shows the country and IP address from which you logged in, and even the date and device used.

You can also use the "Close all sessions", this option will log you out of all devices at once. We recommend that if you notice that someone has logged into your mega account without authorization, change immediately password. This will prevent the attacker from logging into your account again.

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