Delete Hotmail Account (Outlook)

There are various reasons why there may be a need for delete Hotmail account (Outlook)for example, about discontinuation of use or that a new email address is already in use.

In this article we will show you how to permanently delete your Hotmail/Outlook account step by step and also how to cancel the said process.

  1. Steps to delete an account
  2. Cancel account deletion
  3. Why delete your Outlook or Hotmail account?
  4. Frequently asked questions when deleting a Hotmail (Outlook) account

Steps to delete an account

Procedure Deleting your Microsoft account is quick and easy.. In a few steps we can close our account and after 60 days it will be deleted forever. Explaining the process in detail, the first thing to do is enter your Microsoft account website.

In the upper right corner there is a profile photo, by clicking on it we must select the "View Account" option. The next step is to navigate between Control Options and Privacy Settings and select the Security section at the top.

Select a button More options on the right in the form of a + sign and click the “Close Account” button., at the end of the list. Once the option is confirmed, the process of closing your Microsoft account will begin.

Microsoft will notify you in a window about the data and services we will lose when we stop using your Hotmail account. If you are determined to continue with the removal, click the "Next" button at the bottom of the window.

Check the boxes for the services you are going to cancel associated with your Microsoft account and Hotmail.and select the reason for deleting your account. The final confirmation is to click the "Mark Account" button to close, and from this point there are 60 days within which we can reverse the closure. Microsoft will notify you when the 60-day period has expired, as from that point you will no longer be able to access your services with the corresponding ID.

After this procedure, your account will be deleted 60 days from the date it was completed.

Cancel account deletion

Deletion of an Outlook account occurs no earlier than 60 days, which is the period until which you can restore the account and undo its deletion. Just follow these steps:

  1. Login to access page by clicking on this connection.
  2. Login using your details.
  3. A notification about re-opening your account will appear, click "Reopen account" confirm.
  4. Select an available method, additional email address or phone number. Then follow the instructions to enter the code and your identity will be verified.

Once the identity is verified, the account will become active again and the deletion will be reversed.

Why delete your Outlook or Hotmail account?

The most common reason for deleting a Hotmail account is not using it. However, during the uninstallation process, Microsoft asks you to select a reason and the following options are available:

  • Account combination: Using two accounts can get confusing, so it is recommended to focus your activities on just one.
  • I use another account and don't need this one: The most common reason, since the directions that are created in youth can be confusing.
  • This account has been hacked or hacked: Perhaps the easiest way to escape from a hacked or compromised account.
  • I no longer need an Outlook account: A decision that is usually made when other services become available that better meet expectations.
  • Other motives: If the reason does not match the above description.

Whatever the reason, the good thing is that you can create another Outlook account at any time without any major difficulties by following our guide on how to create a Hotmail email.

Frequently asked questions when deleting a Hotmail (Outlook) account

When making a decision delete hotmail account, doubts may arise regarding the methods, alternatives and permanence of this solution. To allay these concerns, we have included an FAQ section that answers users' concerns.

Is my Hotmail account permanently deleted or can I recover it?

Microsoft understands that Sometimes users make hasty decisions or without fully thinking through the consequences.. For this reason, it is possible to recover your Hotmail account after deleting it. If we reactivate the account before the end of 1 year, we can continue to use it. After this time, messages and credentials from all servers will be deleted.

What's happening to other Microsoft services?

If you close your Hotmail account, You will also close Windows Live and This is because these services are dependent on your Microsoft account.

Can I use Skype credits?

In case you still have Skype balances in your account, be sure to use them. because you won't be able to transfer or restore them using another account. Once the closure of your Hotmail account is confirmed, you will lose all your credits.

This is all the information that any user needs to know to permanently delete a Hotmail/Outlook account.

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