Find or track your stolen mobile phone using Gmail or Google Maps for free

There are different alternatives for track stolen cell phone using gmailwhich can also be useful for protecting the information it contains.

In this text we will show you how to find a stolen cell phone using Gmail or Google Maps, with a simple step-by-step guide and taking into account all existing methods.

  1. Requirements to meet
  2. Using Google Maps
  3. Via Gmail
  4. Track iPhone using iCloud
  5. Find your Samsung mobile phone
  6. Other tracking apps
  7. FAQ

Requirements to meet

There are certain conditions to track a stolen mobile phone using Google Maps or your email address, namely:

  • Be Connected to the Interneteither through a data connection or Wi-Fi.
  • Have activate locationthis can be done by clicking the shortcut button at the top of the screen or from the settings menu.
  • That the mobile phone is on. Otherwise, you will only get the last recorded location before it was disabled.
  • To be tracked using Gmail, your phone must be synced with your Google account and activate the Find My Device feature.
  • On the other hand, you will have to Google Maps installed to locate your smartphone using the specified application.

Using Google Maps

To find out the last registered location of your smartphone, enter the following: connection to access Google Maps and follow these steps:

  1. Open up drop-down menu by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Look for the option "Your routes" and click on it. Find your stolen cell phone for free on Google Maps, step 2
  3. Some will appear welcome messages that you will have the opportunity to skip.
  4. Then place the date in the box marked with the word “.Routes" To find your current location, click "TODAY"
  5. Find your stolen cell phone for free on Google Maps, step 4Once this is done, the location will appear on the map on the screen.

It's important to note that this method works for iPhone too, but the application must be installed. Below are the redirect buttons:

Via Gmail

To easily track your Android using Gmail, you will have to Sign in with your linked account to your device and paste this address into your browser: This way you will have access to the official Google website "Find my device" You may receive a notification with permissions that you need to accept in order to use this tool.

Once on the site, you will see on the screen map with last recorded location from your smartphone. On the other hand, a warning message will appear on your mobile phone saying that you are being searched "Find my device" This way, whoever has the device will know that they are being monitored using this application.

Tool Options

The application has the following features to protect your device:

  • Play sound- Even if your phone is on silent mode or only vibrating, you can set an alarm and turn it off with the touch of a button.
  • Locking device- With this feature you can quickly lock your device. It even allows you to create a password if you don't have a lock method set. Additionally, you can show a message on the screen to the person who has your mobile phone.
  • Delete data: Used to delete data synced with your Google account so you can no longer track or manage your device.

Features of Google tool to track stolen mobile phone for freeIt is important to note that, All data cannot be deletedonly those synced with Google, including Google Play apps or all browser login information.

mobile version

If you want to track a stolen cell phone from another phone mobile instead of computer, you can use the app. The method of use is the same as on the official website: you must log in with your linked account to be able to monitor and control your smartphone remotely and in real time. It is available in the Play Store, which can be accessed using the following button:

Track iPhone using iCloud

You must Sign in to Find My iPhone in iCloud. from your computer. To do this, copy the following address: and login. If you have multiple paired devices, select the one that is missing. different features you can access using this tool the following:

  • Make a sound- You will be able to call the device, regardless of whether it is in silent mode.
  • Lost Mode- iPhone features such as Apple Pay are disabled. In addition, the device will be locked and a message will be displayed on the screen. You can even create a password for the lock if you don't have one.
  • Erase iPhone- This option is used to delete all data on the device and lock it using iCloud.

As with Android, you can install the application from the official store. To go to the download page, use the following redirect button.

Find your Samsung mobile phone

search function for your Samsung mobile phone, while similar to previous tracking options, is exclusive to the brand and has additional features. To use it follow this connection and sign in to the account associated with your device. Once this is done, you will be able to access location and tracking options find out the current location of the device

With this tool it is possible disable Samsung Pay features so that your account cannot be used inappropriately. In addition to the tracking and remote control features available on other brands of iOS or Android devices, with Samsung you can call and message forwardingas you will also be able to find out the last 50 calls in the log.

Other tracking apps

Although the tracking alternatives already mentioned are quite complete and work great, it is important to know other options. Following tracking apps They have various characteristics that may interest you:


With this application you can create circles and share location with your group of friends or family, and you will also get to know their group. Among the main functions of Life360 are the following:

  • Track your mobile device.
  • Individual chat with friends or family, circle members.
  • Share your location.
  • Look where the circle members are.
  • Get alerts when a family member or friend arrives somewhere.

Lookout Mobile

Lookout Mobile is an app that does a lot of things. You can sound the alarm, even if the phone is in silent mode. It also offers the ability to manage and protect your data from malware with anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. Its function"flare» is used to record the location of the device before the battery runs out.

Android is lost

It has additional features other than locating the device, which makes it stand out from others. Some of its most important features:

  • Find your device.
  • Call forwarding.
  • Send a recording of incoming and outgoing calls by email.
  • Show message on screen.
  • Play message.
  • Erase the contents of the SD card.

With this application you can control different computers at the same time.

Finding the location of your mobile device is easy if you use the Find My Device app on Android or iOS.


How to track a mobile phone on Google Maps for free?

If tracking is enabled on your mobile phone, open Google Maps on any computer, go to Menu > Your routes and select the search date that will be "Today". This way you can see the most recent movements and routes taken by the mobile phone during that period.

How to find out the location of a mobile phone for free?

Google Maps It's the fastest alternative to find out cell phone location, but the best part is that it doesn't require any payment or subscription. In addition, there are several free applications such as Find my device or sight which allow you to find a mobile phone for free and quickly.

How to find out the location of a phone number?

Loading some free apps you can locate the phone number. For example, Famisafe or Cell phone GPS locator They offer a free geosatellite phone tracking service.

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