How to change Badoo password

Many people decide manage your passwords to ensure the security of your accounts. Changing your access codes from time to time is a habit you should have to protect your information. However, if you don't understand how to do this, it can be a challenging task.

Badoo has an excellent security system that allows you to change your password at any time. In this article you will see how this can be done from the Android, iOS or PC app. You will learn how to properly manage your passwords.

  1. From PC
  2. From phone

From PC

Although Badoo is known for its mobile app, you can use this social network through your computer's browser. From there you can manage your account and make the necessary changes. It is important to note that all steps must be performed once. you are logged in. Next, we will explain how to change the password from your PC:

  1. Once you have access to your account, select your profile.
  2. Then click parameter, which is represented by the gear symbol that is located in the upper right corner.How to change password from PC, step 1 and 2
  3. In the next window, find the section “Your account" And click on the pencil change or edit your information.How to change password from PC step 3
  4. Next, a bar will be displayed which will allow you to edit and set a new password. You just need to write and confirm the new access code. On the right you will see suggestions for creating a secure password.How to change password from PC step 4
  5. After you have done this, you need to click the "Hold"How to change password from PC step 5
  6. At this point, the page will ask you to enter your current access password. This is done for confirm that the changes are being made by the account owner. To complete this step, click the "Hold"How to change password on PC step 6
  7. Finally, you will receive a notification that a new password has been created. You just need to click on "Continue" and the process will end.How to change password from PC step 7

This way you will change your Badoo account password correctly. It must be emphasized that These steps are irreversible. Once you confirm the change, the old password will be removed from the system and replaced with the new one.

From phone

From the Badoo app you can change your access password. This option is simpler and faster to implement, unlike the method mentioned above.

Steps to follow They are the same for the Badoo version in mobile browsers. regarding application in Android and iOS. Its interface is similar in all cases. To successfully change your password, simply you must follow the instructions details below:

  1. Once you have entered you should find Your profile.
  2. Then select the icon parameter, located in the upper left corner. It is represented by a small gear.How to change password on mobile phone: step 1 and 2
  3. Click on the section "Check"How to change password on mobile phone step 3
  4. Click the option "Have you forgotten your password?"How to change password on mobile phone step 4
  5. You will be asked to enter the email address associated with your Badoo account. There you will receive a link that will allow you to change your password. Once you enter it, click the button: "Get password"How to change password on mobile: step 5
  6. Badoo will let you know Link sent to your email to continue changing your password.How to change password from mobile, step 6
  7. You must open the email sent to you by Badoo in your inbox and click on the "Create a password"How to change password from mobile, step 7
  8. It will automatically redirect you to the Badoo page where you will need to enter your password. To finish, you just need to click on: "Hold password"How to change password from mobile, step 8


. You can change or reset your password through the app. As in the previous step, the changes are irreversible and you will have to access the application again with a new password.

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