How to recover your POF account

POF is a dating service that is one of the pioneers in this sector. Born in 2003, it is one of the most used alternatives to Tinder, Badoo, OKCupid and other similar services, as it allows you to find like-minded people using a form filled out when creating an account, giving more precision and focus on long-term relationships. POF was acquired by Match (the owner of other similar companies) in 2015, so it has even stronger support.

Millions of users log into POF every day, but some of them can be seen in trouble at the same time because of lost password. If this is your case, at MundoCuentas we will help you recover your POF account through simple procedures that you can follow on the official PC website or Android or iOS apps. Let's do it!

  1. Recover POF Account from PC
  2. Recover POF Account from Android or iOS
  3. The letter does not arrive, what happened?
  4. Tips to avoid losing count again

Recover POF Account from PC

To recover your POF account, there is a form on the website from which you can request a link to recover your account. Below we give you the step by step procedure:

  1. Enter the following link from your browser:
  2. As, Enter your email address.
  3. Click on the "Send".
  4. Check your email for an email from POF with the subject “Password Reset”.
  5. Follow the link in the letter.
  6. Update your password by entering it twice (to confirm) in the form.
  7. Click the Update Password button.

With these steps your password it will already be changed. Enjoy your POF account as always!

Recover POF Account from Android or iOS

The iOS and Android app also offers the option to recover your POF account.

  1. If you no longer have the POF app on your mobile phone, please install it on the platform corresponding to your mobile phone from the links below:
  2. Open the application and go to "Already have an account? Login".
  3. Click the link "Forgot your password?"
  4. Enter your email address in the form and click "Next".
  5. Follow the link which is sent to your email.
  6. Enter your new password twice.
  7. Click on the "Update your password".

Now you can login to POF with your new password without any problem.

The letter does not arrive, what happened?

It may happen that when you try to recover your POF account, you will receive an email with a link to Reset the password. There may be three reasons:

  1. You entered an email address that does not correspond to a specific account. Try another email address you have.
  2. POF account has been deleted for violating community standards or not verifying your phone number.
  3. The recovery email arrived, but your email provider marked it as SPAM. To check this, go to the Spam folder of your email, it is very likely that the letter is there.
  4. Finally, you may have deleted your account and simply don't remember it.

In any case, you can always create a new POF account 😉

Tips to avoid losing count again

Losing an account is never a pleasant experience; first of all, it entails a loss of time when using the service, since we have to go through the entire recovery process. Additionally, when you lose your account, there is always the possibility that you will never be able to access a certain service again, so it is recommended to keep some tips in mind. so you never lose your POF account again.

  • Try to remember your password or use a password manager so you don't forget it again.
  • Always keep access to your email because if you lose it, you will not be able to recover your account.
  • To avoid the risk of other people changing your password, don't tell anyone!
  • Change your password to a new one more often, this will not only help you ensure a high level of security for your account, but will also refresh your memory from time to time 😉
  • Verify your POF account with your phone number so it doesn't get disabled.

By following these tips, you will never lose your POF account again and can use this service without any inconvenience.

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