How to block incoming calls and video calls on WhatsApp

Block incoming calls and video calls on WhatsApp a simple process that can be done from your phonebut you may not know how to do it.

In this article we will explain how to block them quickly using the application's own tools.

  1. Using WhatsApp Tools
  2. Mute application calls
  3. Other options

Using WhatsApp Tools

Tools for WhatsApp This is a free app to downloadavailable on Google Play for Android devices. which allows you to block incoming calls in the application quickly. To use it, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Download and install Tools for WhatsApp.
    Tools for WhatsApp
    Tools for WhatsApp

  2. Open the application and provide the necessary permissions to mobile functions.
  3. Slide the lever to "Tools for WhatsApp". so that the application appears on top of others.How to Block Incoming Calls and Video Calls on WhatsApp Using Tools for WhatsApp Step 3
  4. Activate the driver"Service"How to Block Incoming Calls and Video Calls on WhatsApp Using Tools for WhatsApp, Step 4

After completing these steps, the application will be responsible for forwarding incoming calls in WhatsApp automatically. It should be noted that in the settings of this application You can limit any quantity, only unknown numbers or only contacts in the phone book. Similarly, you can set whether the call should be forwarded. or switch it to a regular voice call.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that the free version of Tools for WhatsApp has a period of seven days. After this time, the application will stop working and You will need to purchase a Premium licenseHowever, you can use the "uninstall and reinstall" trick. .

Mute application calls

If the previous option is not viable, you can mute calls on whatsapp so that you are not distracted while you are busy. To do this, you need to reduce the volume of notifications on your mobile phone to a minimum and, in addition, remove vibration in the application settings menu. The latter requires entering the route: Menu (three vertical dots) > Settings > Notifications and the “Disabled” checkbox in the “Vibration” section at the end of the options.

How to block incoming calls and video calls on WhatsApp by muting the app's ringtones

Other options

Besides all the options mentioned above, some additional alternatives can be usedfor example sending a busy message.

Lock on contact

How to block incoming calls and video calls on WhatsApp by blocking a person
If the person you are calling is considered spam or unwanted, you can start blocking the number discussed to not receive calls or video calls via WhatsApp. To do this, you need to go to WhatsApp > Menu (three vertical dots) > Settings > Privacy > Blocked contacts. Once there, click the Add icon (user with a + sign) to include the contact you want to restrict.

Send a message saying you are unavailable

When you receive a call on WhatsApp, the application offers the option send a preset or custom message to the sender. This is an alternative option that can be used to notify the caller that you are unable to answer. So it's possible prevent the sender from continuing to insist.

Reject or ignore a call

How to Block Incoming Calls and Video Calls on WhatsApp by Rejecting or Ignoring the Call
Rejecting a WhatsApp call is another alternative
which can be used to avoid interruptions. However, this is not a definitive method as the other person may continue to persist by calling again and again. Do it you just need to press the red button which appears on the screen while the phone is ringing. Instead of, To ignore it, simply press the Home key. (center key) on your device and you can continue using your mobile phone.

Adding a number to the blacklist

It is possible that after not answering WhatsApp calls, a person decides to try other methods such as voice calls or text messages. In this case, you can add the phone number to the mobile blacklist, from mobile phone call settings. Although on some devices option Available when logging into your contacts file in the phone book, so it will depend on the model, brand or version of the Android device.

Set the app to only accept calls when connected to Wi-Fi.

Another alternative that exists to limit WhatsApp calls is to set the app to receive them only if there is a Wi-Fi connection. This can be achieved from the settings menu of the application itself, following the path: Menu (icon with three vertical dots) > Settings > Storage and data. Once there, you must activate "Use less data for calls" This way they will only be received when connected to a wireless network.

Change WhatsApp call to regular call

How to block incoming calls and video calls on WhatsApp by forwarding the WhatsApp call to a regular call
Using apps like Mute WhatsApp Calls.
Calls received on WhatsApp can be forwarded to your mobile phone as if it were a regular voice call. However, It can only be installed from external sources., since it is not available on Google Play, for which you need to activate unknown sources in the device settings menu. To do this you need to follow the route: Settings > Advanced settings > Security. and activate the appropriate driver.

In short, the only way to reject, forward or block WhatsApp calls without contact restriction is to use external apps like Tools for WhatsApp. Well, any other option requires adding the person to your mobile phone's blocked list.

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