How to clone WhatsApp to use it on multiple mobile devices

One of the most common interests of users is the ability to see and use WhatsApp on more than one mobile phoneeither for convenience or to monitor minors as parental control.

In this post we will show you how to clone whatsapp on another device easily and quickly by performing different methods. We will also tell you how to create two accounts on one mobile phone.

  1. Using the WhatsApp website
  2. Using Third Party Applications
  3. Installing spy apps
  4. Additional Alternatives
  5. How to find out if your WhatsApp is being cloned

Using the WhatsApp website

The first thing to do is Login to WhatsApp Web using your mobile phone (can be done by following this connection). Then you need to open the options menu and select the option that says "desktop site"

How to clone WhatsApp to use it on multiple mobile devices using the web version

This way the page will be displayed as on a computer and you will only have to scan the QR code. To do this, open the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone, click on the three vertical dots, select the option “Associated devices" and finally, "PAIRING A DEVICE".

Note. When using the standard version of WhatsApp Web, you must keep your device connected and will allow only one additional connection to be established.


The beta version of WhatsApp Web allows maintain connection even if mobile phone disconnects networks. In addition, it offers the ability to connect up to four additional devices simultaneously. However, please note that since these are features in development, They may have certain disadvantages.

How to clone WhatsApp to use it on multiple mobile devices using the web version in beta testing

To get this version of WhatsApp Web, open the mobile app options menu and enter "Associated devices" Then click on the option "Beta for various devices" and finally click "JOIN BETA" Once this is done, simply log in as usual to check out the new features in development.

Using Third Party Applications

There are various apps created to clone WhatsAppwith which you can easily log into WhatsApp Web are:

WhatWeb Cloner

This is an application with a simple interface to clone WhatsApp by scanning a QR code. However, he offers some additional features such as downloading statuses and conduct live chats. It also has a smart cleaning program to remove residual data from the application.


This is a simple app, lighter than other alternatives as it has fewer features. WhatsClone offers WhatsApp cloning option easy and free, but it also serves to download statuses recently uploaded by contacts.

Installing spy apps

spyware must be installed on controlled equipment and are usually only compatible with rooted or jailbroken devices. However, this is one of the best options exercise parental controlbut care must be taken regarding the legal basis for its use as the user must have permission for the said installation.

How to Clone WhatsApp Using Spy Apps

One of the most popular alternatives available in the market is mSpy. This program allows you to monitor all the activity of your mobile device through a control panel that can be accessed from a PC. Thus, You can see all conversations on WhatsApp and other applications, as well as received calls, location and much more.

Official download site:

Additional Alternatives

Another way clone whatsapp is to duplicate the application, use two accounts on one mobile phone. This can be achieved by using various methods, which are presented below.

From mobile phone settings

On some devices you can clone apps from settingsthis function can be found under different names, such as "Dual Applications" Typically, this quality is typical for dual-SIM phones from companies such as Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi.

In general, the user should go to "Settings > Applications > Dual Apps > WhatsApp" Once in this section, you only need to enable this option, a second WhatsApp application will appear in which you can log in as usual.

Setting up parallel space

This is an application that allows you to clone WhatsApp and other platforms such as Telegram, Instagram or Facebook. Thus You can have two accounts on one device, without any inconvenience, being able to duplicate up to 5 different applications. This is the most popular alternative available for iOS and Android.

How to find out if your WhatsApp is being cloned

To find out or prevent someone from cloning your WhatsApp, it is important to have activate whatsapp notifications, so you will receive alerts every time WhatsApp Web is opened. Another alternative is be aware of "Associated devices", so you'll know how many sessions are open and on which devices. If you don't know them, you can go out and solve the problem.

These are all the methods you should know to clone WhatsApp and use it on multiple mobile phones.

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