WhatsApp Web: How to use web.whatsapp and scan QR code

WhatsApp Web is used from the browser and allows users to send messages to their contacts and enjoy the benefits of this platform from their computer.

Don't know how to scan the code? Study.

In this article we will explain how scan the QR code to use WhatsApp Webplatform characteristics and some tricks you should know about this service.

  1. How to open WhatsApp Web in a browser
  2. How to use WhatsApp web on your mobile phone or tablet
  3. Download WhatsApp Web for PC
  4. Open multiple accounts on one device
  5. Create a shortcut
  6. Use dark mode
  7. Find emoji faster
  8. Flaws
  9. Advantages
  10. Hotkeys
  11. Send files to PC
  12. Related questions

How to open WhatsApp Web in a browser

To log into WhatsApp Web, follow these steps:

  1. Opens whatsapp > Enter menu additional parameters (three vertical dots) >
  2. Then head to "Paired devices > Pair a device.
  3. The camera is activated, place your device on it. QR code which appears in the browser to scan it.how to scan whatsapp web qr code

How to use WhatsApp web on your mobile phone or tablet

WhatsApp Web on tablets and mobile devices can be used as follows:

  1. Login to WhatsApp Web from Google Chrome browser https://web.whatsapp.com/.
  2. Enter menu browser by clicking on the three dots in the upper corner.
  3. Check the option "desktop site" A QR code will appear which you can scan using another mobile phone. How to use WhatsApp Web on tablet or mobile devices

After the page has loaded, you can scan the QR code and log in on the WhatsApp network.

Download WhatsApp Web for PC

You just have to install whatsapp for desktop enjoy the benefits offered by this application, which are similar to those of the web version, although additional benefits are added, such as the ability to make calls or video calls. To get this program, download from WhatsApp official website or find it in the team store.

Download the app for PC Windows or macOS

Official download site: https://www.whatsapp.com/download

Open multiple accounts on one device

The easiest option is to open a second account on the same computer - use an incognito window. The login process is the same as on the non-mode page and the desktop app.

Create a shortcut

If the OS does not support the application you are installing, creating a shortcut to the page is a great alternative. For this you just need right click on desktop and select "Create > Shortcut" At this point you should paste the link used to access the WhatsApp website (https://web.whatsapp.com/).

On the other hand, you can create shortcut on mobile devices with a different procedure. To do this, you need to open WhatsApp Web in a window, display the options menu and select "Add to Home Screen"

Use dark mode

Use dark mode on WhatsApp WebWhatsApp Web allows the use of dark mode to protect the user's vision from excess light. This option Enabled from the settings menuIn chapter "Themes” and you can choose “Light”, “Dark” or automatically select the mode the system is in.

Find emoji faster

If you write the word and these two points are preceded by, the website will display emoji with recommendations that can be selected and sent via chat. This way, users will be able to find the emoji they need much faster.


WhatsApp Web has different features and functions compared to the official mobile app. In this sense, some restrictions are as follows:

  • Set privacy.
  • Set up security.
  • Change phone number.

You can also mention the possibility make video calls or calls. Nevertheless, this disadvantage can be avoided install whatsapp for desktop.


Some of the benefits of using WhatsApp Web include the following:

  • Convenience of a big screen typical for PC (versus mobile).
  • Send or transfer files to your computer easier.
  • WhatsApp is open on two different computers (mobile phone and WhatsApp Web). When using the beta version, you can use up to 4 additional commands.
  • Hotkeysalthough they work better in a desktop application.


When using WhatsApp Desktop, you can use various keyboard shortcuts on Windows or Mac, namely:

  • Ctrl/Cmd + N: New chat.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + Tab: Next chat.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Tab: Previous chat.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + E: Chat archive.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + D: Delete chat.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + M: Disable chat.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + E: Emoji panel.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + S: Sticker panel.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + G: GIF panel.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + P: Profile and information.

Send files to PC

Maybe send files from mobile to computer without the need for a USB connection using this platform. This can be achieved creating a WhatsApp group with one participant. Since you can't do this directly, you'll have to invite a friend and then delete him.

These are all the WhatsApp Web tricks you should know.

How to scan WhatsApp code?

Open the application, go to the iconMore options(three small dots at top right), follow the route Linked Devices > Link a Device. Another way is to go to Settings, tap the QR icon next to your name, and tap Scan Code to link it to your device.

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