Amazon Flex Mexico: when will it arrive in the country and possible position requirements

AmazonFlex is an initiative of the world's largest trading company that allows independent individuals to earn additional income per month by providing door-to-door delivery. It is present in Europe and the USA, but many Users from Mexico are wondering when it will arrive to the city and What possible requirements must be met? for the position of courier.

In this sense, throughout the following text, each of these questions is answered in detail. In addition to this, you will find a section that explains What is Amazon FlexMoreover, you will be able to understand how much money can you earn working as a courier. On the other hand, the main advantages and disadvantages of this service are explained, as well as probable arrival date in some cities from Latin America, for example, from Mexico. Find out it all below.

  1. What is it about
  2. When will he arrive in Mexico?
  3. What requirements must you meet?
  4. Advantages
  5. Flaws

What is it about

Amazon Flex, what is it?
This is an initiative developed by Amazon. promote the development of a cooperative economy between independent people and a famous European store. He invites those who choose to participate as messengers to possibility of receiving additional income within a month. Now it is important to clarify that the amount you will receive for this is more of a “small contribution” than a salary with which you could cover your needs.

In this sense, according to official information from the company, The amount you can earn for blocks of 4 hours a day is 56 euros. in Spain, which would be equivalent to 1324.67 Mexican pesos.. Which, if you do the math, is MXN 331.16 per hour, which is a bit of an understatement considering that Does not cover fuel and repair costs. vehicle.

On the other side, The work schedule is set by you upon registration. in the Amazon Flex app and you can work up to 2 shifts a day. As for the application, it can be downloaded from the website App Store if you own an Apple device with iOS operating system and the following this link for Android smartphones.

‎Amazon Flex
‎Amazon Flex

When will he arrive in Mexico?

Yes, sure Amazon Flex is not available in Mexico.In no other city in Latin America, the company assures that it is not ceasing to evaluate the possibility of expanding into the aforementioned territory. However, so far There is no probable date for the availability of this service. to the continent. Therefore, if you are looking forward to participating in this initiative as a messenger, you should continue to pay close attention to notifications or posts on various company channels.

What requirements must you meet?

Besides being old enough to drive a car (18 years or older, depending on the country you are in), That Basic requirements to work with Amazon Flexare:

  • Live in a state or country with Amazon Flex active..
  • Dispose of own car, preferably with 4 doors and a maximum gross weight of 2 tons. Additionally, you will need enough space for the bags.
  • Count on valid driver's license or license.
  • To be independent.
  • Have a smartphone with Operating system iOS or Android. In the latter case, you must ensure that you have a version equal to or higher than 5.0 installed.
  • Register in the application from Amazon Flex.
  • Have no priors criminal
  • Complete the process check.


Amazon Flex Benefits
Like other Amazon services, Flex also offers certain benefits To your employees. Among them are:

  • Does not require a fixed schedule.
  • You you set the hours schedule that you can work on.
  • Maybe control everything from your phone.
  • Allows you to earn income additionally per month.
  • Payments are made every week directly to your bank account.
  • Maybe working with a rented car.
  • No education level required superiors.
  • You can choose to work in one block and look for other activities to increase your earnings.


While the benefits of working at Amazon Flex are varied, we can't ignore negative aspects or disadvantages of this platform. That's why some of the most important ones are mentioned below:

  • Employees do not have ID (uniform, employee ID, etc.).
  • Amazon Flex doesn't cover costs fuel, vehicle maintenance or repair.
  • You are not exempt from paying taxes.
  • There are not enough work units in some areaswhich may affect your performance.

As you can see, Amazon Flex is not yet available in Mexico or other Latin American countries. However, the introduction of this service in Mexico is still possible for those who want to work as courier drivers. In the meantime, make sure you meet all the requirements for the company to consider you as a potential freelancer.

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