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This is a social network created for the discreet development of extramarital relationships.. Her name comes from a combination of two of the most common female names in the United States: Ashley and Madison. It is available in 45 countries and distributed on five continents. The platform has more than 50 million active users.

Its motto “Life is short, have an affair” is the central part of this site, created for those people who want to add a little adrenaline to their family life.

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Ashley Madison website offers the opportunity to become "reserved, unfaithful", adding something fun to the couple's daily routine. It is aimed primarily at dedicated men and women. in some way (dating, marriage, commitment) and they want to fulfill their desire to be unfaithful without being discovered.

Registration in is completely free. To use the platform, you just need to create a user online where you can start meeting people who are looking for a little adventure to break up the daily routine of their family life.

For Become part of the Ashley Madison community, you only need to register an email address, which you must later confirm in your inbox. After this, the platform will ask you to fill out the user profile information, where you will be asked questions ranging from your deepest and innermost desires to the user's image.

There are two on this site types of versions for users, free and paid. Likewise, Ashley Madison offers people two types of searches: Basic and Advanced, allowing you to limit the number of options or possible "dates" based on a list of criteria including: gender, age, geographic location, intent, and more.

The clear advantage of this site is that you don't need to sync your Ashley Madison account with any other social well as on other sites on the Internet of the same category.

A special feature of this portal is that women have the opportunity to create a Premium account completely free of charge, while men, on the contrary, need to buy credits in order to be able to use the services. Features Ashley Madison.

And, in addition to being a secret meeting place, Ashley Madison has certain positive characteristics or advantages:

  • Possible meetings on trips: With more than 50 million users scattered around the world, organizing a meeting on a pleasure or business trip is not at all difficult.
  • Allows premium users to write: Even if you are a free user, Ashley Madison allows you to connect with paid users.
  • Ashley Madison app: Take your contacts and meetings wherever you go with easy access control from your mobile device.
  • No membership required: Another big difference with this site is that users do not have to pay for a time-bound membership, rather they pay for credits that allow them to use web services.

How it works?

Ashley Madison works similarly to other dating platforms. and "hooks". However, the level of privacy offered by this website is unmatched as due to the attack on its platform in recent years, the system has been improved and become The safest cheating site on the Internet.

Information security guarantee and preserves the identity of each of its users by allowing them to add a blur or mask to their profile photo, which is fantastic to avoid being discovered.

Ashley Madison interface It is very simple and practical to use by any user, for this you need to have minimum 18 years old And complete registration using your email address. It's important to remember that It is best to use an incognito or unknown email address for this. for your family, friends and especially for your partner. This is done to maximize the effectiveness of the site.

It should be noted that, It is important to clarify the current mental situation. and make it clear what you're looking for online. After registering, the next step is to add all the necessary information to your profile, including photos and privacy aspects, i.e. who can view your photos and all your personal data and even share what they like.

Credits to Ashley Madison

Unlike other dating sites, Ashley Madison bases its business on purchasing loans precisely for the use of each of its services, that is, does not require membership fees with expiration date.

There are different types of credits that you can buy from the portal to use different options, you can use them as much as you want, as long as you have them, you can say that it is a “balance”. yours says Ashley Madison.

On the platform you have the opportunity get free credits which allow you to expand the basic functions of the site are known as Ashley GiftThese are free or gift packages that can include anywhere from 20 to 50 credits that allow you to get the most out of the website.

These credits give you access to additional features such as a 30-minute private chat session. It is worth noting that these Ashley Gift, mainly for gentlemen.. Because ladies, they have all the features for free.

For just 5 credits you can send a discreet message to someone you like, although if you think you need a high level of priority, you may need to use 10 credits to make the message stand out. Regardless of your choice, if you are a man, the best way to contact the girl you want is this one.

Mobile app

How desktop version of Ashley MadisonThe mobile app allows you to quickly and easily connect to your profile and find the next person you want to romance. It is available for mobile devices on iOS and Android platforms.

To use it, you just need to log into your account and swipe to select your next companion. It's completely free to download onto your mobile device, although it does have certain features that require payments to keep you connected without interruption.

This app has a special "filter" feature that allows you to choose between available options, screening users based on certain criteria, such as marital status, photo or geographic location.

Priority man at Ashley Madison

This feature is activated when you, as a gentleman, meet the profile criteria or characteristics specified by the lady, allowing you to place the profile of the man in question in the first three places in the list of results.

traveling man

This special feature of Ashley Madison was created with the aim of providing businessmen or executives who are constantly traveling the opportunity to request the site's services from anywhere in the world, be it in Spain or any other country in the world.

This is only offered to women located in the geographic area where the gentleman temporarily resides.


A large number of users say that the website is great and delivers on its promises. However, due to Ashley Madison hack, many became disillusioned with the site and decided to abandon its functions. And all this taking into account the fact that the most important part of the portal was violated - confidentiality.

Nevertheless, knew how to get back up again, further strengthening his security system, which further amazed those devoted men and women who seek extramarital affairs.

Some Ashley Madison reviews found online:

  • Jose, January 2020: “Without a doubt, Ashley is the best place for unfaithful married people, otherwise everything is fine! They are worthless, there is no Tao.”
  • Ernesto, February 2020: “For me this is without a doubt the best option, I was on Meetic for a while and there were a lot of profiles of people who opened an account a long time ago but are not even visiting it now. Ashley Madison are current profiles that are unfollowed or deleted when they are no longer used. I recommend him to you without a doubt."
  • Eduardo November 2019: “Personally I find a dating app in Spain, there are a lot of women and everyone wanting to meet, there is nothing wrong to get straight to the point, if you want to meet women, don't even think about it. "
  • Juan David, January 2020: "Here in Argentina Ashley Madison is the best way to meet peopleThere are over 10,000 women waiting in Buenos Aires, take a look, don’t be an idiot and try it, it’s free.”

However, not everything is so positive; the opinions of some users also differ from Ashley Madison's services. Although many of them are not objective, that is, they focus not on the interface or platform of the site, nor on its functions, but on the users with whom they “met.”

  • Pablo, October 2019: “AM is a trick. Full of fake profiles. Others are true, but they are not worth a damn. In fact, there are no interesting women. This is a fraud. "Don't waste your money."
  • Orlando, March 2020: “The truth is that it seems unfair and unpleasant to me that only men have to pay, while women can enjoy all the functions without spending a cent. They need to fix this or change the policy. In all other respects this is a wonderful page of infidels.”

Plans and prices

The site offers free membership to all women, allowing you to send and receive messages for free. In addition, women can use all the functions of the portal simply by registering.

Quite the opposite is the case for men, who must pay loans if they want to use features such as messaging. It is necessary to clarify that This also applies to women seeking women.. In both cases (men and women looking for women), they can log in as guests to evaluate how the platform works and decide if this is what they are looking for.

Among the plans and prices available in Ashleymadison.comthey find each other:

  • Basic plan: At a cost of $0.59 per credit and a quantity of 100 credits, the total cost of this plan is $59, including taxes wherever applicable.
  • Classic plan: The cost of each credit is $0.34, and the total cost of 500 credits is $169.
  • Elite plan: Its total cost is $289 and includes a whopping 1000 credits, each individually worth $0.29.

Either of these plans gives the user full access to Ashley Madison's special features. It is worth noting that they do not have an expiration date and payment is made only at the time of purchase.

With each use, the available amount decreases, but do not worry, the amount required for each action is very small.

They can be canceled using a Visa or MasterCard credit card with an anonymous payment in place of Ashley and Madison's actual name. This can also be done through secure sites that allow you to remain anonymous, such as PayPal, Skrill and Paysafe.


Ashley Madison is the right website if you want to have extramarital affairs or one-night stands that won't interfere with your marriage or courtship. Completely confidential and secure, with maximum security thanks to previous attacks.

Either because you are single and want to make the most of every moment of your life, or because the routine of marriage is destroying your qualities as a natural winner. Follow Ashley Madisonmaybe this is what you need to keep the passion you have inside without damaging your family life or reputation.

If this is your philosophy, then this site is for you, as are over 50 million users who agree with the motto "life is short. have an adventure" It's never too late to start experimenting.

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