Close open sessions on Facebook

Whenever you use your Facebook account on another mobile phone or computer, Don't forget to log out so they can't use your profile or see all your conversations and personal things that are on it.

If you haven't closed your open Facebook sessions, We will teach you how to do this from your mobile and computer. in a very simple way. You just need to follow the procedures detailed in this post.

  1. From phone
  2. From computer
  3. Why close Facebook sessions

From phone

Regardless of whether your mobile phone is Android or iOS, you must follow the steps given below:

Note: It is important to note that this procedure is also useful in the official Facebook application. In any case, the procedure in the lite version of the application is very similar.

  1. Choose menu (three horizontal bars), when scrolling through the options you must go down to the end and select the option "Settings and privacy".
  2. Another menu will appear in which you will need to click on the option “Parameter".
  3. Once there we will see the option “password and safety", select it.
  4. Now you can see device list which are connected. Press "See everything".
  5. Go to Click on the button with three dots to delete the session corresponding to this device, and then click "go out".
  6. You can too"Close all sessions" You just need to scroll through the options and select the appropriate button.
  7. If you completed this extra step, you must confirm your decisionsince your current session will be closed, in this case click "go out".

From computer

The remote logout method is very easy to implement from your PC because by simply following the below steps, you will be able to see how many devices your Facebook account is open on. You can even find out where sessions were opened, whether made by you or secretly.

Below are the necessary steps to log out of your computer remotely:

  1. To get started, enter menusmall down arrow, some options will appear, and click "Settings and privacy".
  2. After this you need to click “Parameter".
  3. In the new window you need to select “Security and entry".
  4. You will now be able to see a list of devices that have access to your account. Maybe eliminate them one by one by clicking on the three vertical dots and then selecting the option "Go out". Maybe see all devices in which you are logged in, to do this, select "To learn more".
  5. Here you can close all sessions in one sittingclick "Close all sessions".
  6. If you agree to close the current session, click "Close session", since Facebook will close absolutely all open sessions. But if not, you can cancel and close the remaining sessions one by one.

If you discover unauthorized use of your Facebook account, it is better to change your password immediately, as you risk that the person who has access to it will do it first than you, and then you will be left without access to your own account. check.

Why close Facebook sessions

Using the Facebook platform to share information of all kinds has become a hidden risk as many people are responsible for hacking and stealing passwords to obtain data that can later be used to usurp your identity and even extort us in exchange for not sharing photos, videos or simply invading your privacy.

The resource for remotely closing a Facebook session on other devices is very helpful in avoiding leakage of the specified data. Therefore, it is advisable to constantly check the “Where are you logged in?" to make sure you don't forget to close it on the device you borrowed, or worse, don't become a victim of your password and personal data being stolen.

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