How to Create a Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page is a feature that this social interaction platform provides to companies, public figures, brands or institutions. to better interact with your audience.

That is why below we will show you how to create a facebook page In simple steps, we will also give some tips on how to get the most out of it.

  1. Steps to create a page
  2. Important Tips
  3. Information about the company
  4. What is a fan page

Steps to create a page

Create a Facebook Page It won't take more than a few minutes, regardless of whether you're using a mobile phone or a computer. It is important to clarify that the procedure on both devices is similar:

  1. Open Facebook on a cell phone.Note: if done from a computer, Sign in
  2. Click here button with three horizontal stripes.Note: on a computer it is necessary click on section "pages" is located on the left sidebar.
  3. Choose "pages"Note: press "Create new page" in case of doing this from a computer.
  4. Press "Create"How to Create a Facebook Page on Mobile, Step 4
  5. Press "Start off"

Subsequently it should fill out the information on the page (title, category, website, address, presentation or description). Finally, add cover and profile picture and additional details such as contact number, email address, opening hours and others.

Important Tips

Although creating a Facebook page is a simple procedure, there are certain aspects that need to be taken into account to ensure its success.

Profile and cover

It's important to take into account the recommended profile sizes and cover image below. 500x500 pixels and 851x315 pixels respectively.. Moreover, in both cases they must have good resolution, clearly showing what the company is and what it does. Therefore it is recommended:

  • Upload images to suitable format for social networksfor example PNG.
  • Consider branding o the company's corporate identity (colors, typography, images or resources, etc.)
  • They have to be in sync with subject companies.
  • Use the right program for image design.

Link to other platforms

Important aspects when creating a Facebook page. Link to other platforms.
To provide greater convenience to page subscribers, It is recommended to create direct links. to other interaction platforms, such as WhatsApp. Although this is not mandatory, it offers the public a more direct way to ask questions or inquiries about products or services.

Information about the company

The more information provided to subscribers, the greater the likelihood of a company's success. That's why it's recommended fill in most of the data at the request of Facebook, which include sections such as:

  • Basic and contact information- includes email address, phone number, address and service area. As well as website, social media, price range, opening hours, political or religious ideology, language, services, etc.
  • Legal and Privacy Information: Here you can add the company's privacy policy and imprint.
  • Employment and training: This does not apply to companies or institutions.
  • Places of residence: Involves information such as city of residence and city of origin.
  • Page transparencyis a section that Facebook shows to followers of a page to show them how trustworthy a profile is.
  • Other: This category includes sections such as personal information, important events (eg starting a company) and family or relationships. The latter is not at all necessary.


Important aspects when creating a Facebook page.
The username is important in any social media profile, especially if it is a business account. Therefore, when creating a Facebook page, you must set a nickname allowing you to quickly identify, remember and share said information. It's something that can be done during profile creation or changing its data.

Note: Username will appear under the account namenext to the category the company belongs to.

CTA (call to action) button or call to action

This is the button that prompts the user to perform certain actions on the page, among them:

  • Call.
  • Send a private message.
  • Write to WhatsApp.
  • Make a reservation.
  • Buy the product.
  • Contact the company.
  • Request more information."
  • Register.
  • Try a game or app.
  • Watch the video.
  • Start order.
  • View gift card.

To add it, you just need to click on the option "Add a button» and select the action type what users can do by clicking on it.

Creating autoresponder messages

If for any reason the public cannot be served at all times, it is recommended create autoresponder messages which let the user know that he is unavailable. They must be as attentive as possible to what a person feels, what is important It is also a good idea for the company to include a more direct form of contact.

Important aspects when creating a Facebook page. Creating autoresponder messages.
To do this you need to go to the section "Messages" inside the menu "Parameter”, which is located at the bottom of the left sidebar of the page in question.

Connect to your Instagram profile

When creating a Facebook page it is important link it to your Instagram profile. In this way, followers from one platform can migrate to another without any hassle, moreover, both social networks need to go hand in hand to achieve growth goals. Now to do this you need to gain access Settings > Instagram > Connect account. and complete the required process.

Note: It is important to emphasize that profile Instagram should be a business too. However, if it is not, the same tool will convert it automatically.

Set notification priority

Important Considerations When Creating a Facebook Page: Setting Notification Priority
Facebook will issue notifications from the page, no matter what it is. This is why this profile section needs to be configured to prevent unnecessary alerts from appearing. To do this you need to enter Settings > Notifications and mark or leave only those that are truly important, such as a new subscriber.

Delegation of functions

If this is a commercial page administrators can be installed, moderators, editors, analysts or advertisers to delegate important functions such as customer service. This way, there will be several people who know about the activity in the account, but for this you need go to the "Page Roles" section on the menu "Parameter"

What is a fan page

What is a Facebook Page
A fan page, fanpage or simply a Facebook page is profile created specifically for companies, public figures or entrepreneurs. It allows you to communicate with the public in a much more effective way with the help of various features or tools designed for this purpose.

How is it different from a personal profile?

The main difference is that personal profile This is a personal interaction account that does not support any commercial activities authorized by Facebook. However, there are other factors such as:

  • Facebook page offers analysis statistics behavior or interaction of followers. There is no personal profile.
  • Commercial profile information It is more focused on the customer service area.. While your personal account includes more personal data.
  • The number of subscribers on a fan page is not limited.. In a personal profile, the number of friends is limited to 5000.
  • People on the page they become subscribers or “likes”. They are added as friends in their personal profile.
  • Setting up a business account It's much broader.
  • Facebook Pages grant access to ad creator (Facebook ADS), which is prohibited from a personal profile.
  • Fan page can have multiple administrators or responsible persons with different levels of authority. Whereas, a personal profile can only be managed by an individual.

Because it's important

Why is it important to create a Facebook page?
Creation Facebook fan page provides certain advantages. The positive aspects of being on this platform include:

  • Allows you to attract traffic to the siteif you have.
  • A large percentage of the target audience has a Facebook profile.
  • This is important if you want to create campaigns. from Facebook or Instagram ADS.

In conclusion, having a Facebook page provides access to a large number of tools or features that allow you to better communicate with the public.

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