Recover Compromised Facebook Account Using Facebook/Hacked

If there is a suspicion that Facebook account was hackedthere are different mechanisms for solving the situation on the same platform.

In this article we will show you how to recover account using hacked facebook and we will also explain other mechanisms for regaining access to or control over your profile.

  1. How to use hacked Facebook
  2. Recover by phone number or email
  3. photo ID
  4. Through verified contacts
  5. With identification documents
  6. No email, no password
  7. FAQ

How to use hacked Facebook

If you suspect that your account may be compromised, you can follow these steps:

  1. Enter
  2. select one of the options to explain what's happening and click Continue.How to Recover Stolen Facebook Account Using Facebook Hacked Step 2
  3. Press "Start off", Facebook will analyze all your profile data.
  4. An informative notification will appear, click "Continue"How to Recover Stolen Facebook Account Using Facebook Hacked Step 4
  5. Change password following the instructions on the screen.
  6. Facebook will show emails associated with your account.*If you don't recognize anything, check the appropriate box and select "Eliminate"
    *If you recognize them all, select "Miss"

The next step is to check your list of recently added friends and look at the messages and comments you have left.

Recover by phone number or email

In case your security is compromised, you can recover your password using your associated phone number by following these steps:

  1. Login to the search page email after that connection.
  2. Enter the phone number you registered and click "Search"
  3. This will be necessary send the code by email or phone. Select an option and click Continue.
  4. How to recover a stolen Facebook account with a hacked phone number, step 3Enter 6-digit code which you received on your mobile phone and click “Continue”.
  5. Choose one New Password.

The system will provide the option to sign out of other devices, which is recommended if you suspect your account has been compromised.

photo ID

Facebook may still impose other barriers to verify your identity. There are several of them, and one of them is described below:

  1. If you have entered your email address and password correctly, you will see an information box indicating that your account is blocked for security reasons. Click Continue.
  2. How to recover a stolen Facebook account when hacked using friends' photos step 1Select security check. Press "Identify friends' photos" and then "Continue".How to recover a stolen Facebook account when hacked using friends' photos step 2
  3. Instructions for unlocking your account will be shown with recognition of some photos. Press "Continue"
  4. Next, you will need to find out 5 photos of your friends with corresponding names.
  5. When you complete the recognition process, Facebook will ask you to view your recent login. Select Yes or No.

After completing these steps, you will need to verify your identity using a security code to access your Facebook profile.

Through verified contacts

This is one of the alternatives that occurs during the recovery process with hacked Facebook if the others don't work. Talk to each of your trusted contacts and ask them to access the URL that Facebook gives you. Then enter the code provided and select Continue.

With identification documents

You can recover your account through photo recognition, help from friends or ID documents such as photo, passport and others. However, it must be emphasized that This process may take up to 30 days To confirm. This is one of the options available when performing recovery using the Facebook tool.

How to Recover a Stolen or Hacked Facebook Account Using an Identity Document, Step 4

No email, no password

If your email address or password has changed, follow these steps:

  1. Go to "Report login error"following this connection.
  2. Enter your email address where you can be contacted.
  3. Write a problem explaining in detail what you were doing when the problem occurred, what you expected, and what actually happened.
  4. Press "Select files" and attaches a screenshot.
  5. Press "Send"

As you have noticed, there are various tools available to recover a stolen or hacked Facebook account. Likewise, you can increase the security of your profile by logging into Facebook Hacked directly and following the steps mentioned above.


How to report a stolen Facebook account?

Through Facebook hacked You can report your account theft. Once on the page, click one of the options that appear on the screen and click My account is at risk > Continue to begin the account recovery process. Another option is to go to the profile of the person impersonating you and, under the profile photo, click on More details > Report.

What happens if your Facebook gets hacked?

You may receive strange notifications, friend requests from people you don't know, and even use your profile for illegal activities. So if you suspect your Facebook has been hacked, enter Facebook Help Desk report the hacked account and try to turn the situation around.

How can I find out which devices are connected to my Facebook account?

Both the Facebook app and website allow you to see the devices connected to your account. Click on the three lines at the top and go to the menu Settings > Password & Security > Login Location.. This way, Facebook will show you the devices connected to your account or where you are logged in.

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