Why isn't the "Add Friends" button showing on Facebook?

In general, most profiles usually have a button to send a friend request. However this may The option does not appear for various reasons.

In this article, we will explain the reasons Why is the "Add Friends" button not available on some Facebook profiles?

  1. Request rejected or deleted
  2. Privacy settings prevent this
  3. Friends limit exceeded
  4. Request marked as annoying
  5. Man blocked

Request rejected or deleted

The request was rejected or deleted in Facebook Messenger
In some cases, it may not be possible to send a friend request to a person if the request has previously been rejected or deleted. So, It is recommended to view already sent. You can make it through this connection.

Privacy settings prevent this

If you can't add a person on Facebook, it's likely that the person you want to add is you have changed your privacy settingsrelated to the receipt of applications, i.e. It will be impossible to add him to your friends list. Therefore, the only solution is to contact this user and ask him to send a friend request.

Friends limit exceeded

You have exceeded your friends limit on Facebook Messenger
Another reason that prevents you from sending a friend request on Facebook occurs when person has exceeded the friend limitwhich is 5000. Therefore, the only way resolve this fact be page creation on a social network. So, the number of people added will be reflected in the number of “likes”.

Do it, head over to that connection and choose whether it will be a company, brand, community or public figure page. Then click "Start" and follow the onscreen instructions.

Request marked as annoying

Once a request is marked as annoying, you will not be able to add it because Facebook will introduce blocking Immediately. However, this is a temporary process this will end automatically In a few days. Given this fact, the same platform recommends reaching out to the contact first.

Man blocked

A person was blocked on Facebook Messenger

If the person you are trying to add was previously accidentally blocked, the add button adding him as a friend will not appear. This means it will be necessary unlock it by going to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Blocks > Block users > Username > Unblock.

Know Reasons why the “Add Friends” button does not appear On Facebook, this is extremely important because it allows us to find out if the user is blocked or has exceeded the contact limit on this social network.

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