Why messages sent on Facebook Messenger are not delivered: reasons and solutions

Sometimes when you send a message on Facebook Messenger, it may be is not sent or does not reach the recipientwhich makes it difficult to communicate on a social network.

We'll show you Reasons and solutions why messages are not delivered that you have submitted through this platform.

  1. The app is not updating
  2. The recipient does not have an Internet connection
  3. User is inactive on Facebook Messenger
  4. Message request rejected
  5. The "Ignore messages" option is active
  6. Other reasons and solutions

The app is not updating

Facebook Messenger app is not updated
If the user has the Facebook Messenger app installed and your messages are not being deliveredone of the problems causing this action is no tool update. Therefore, you need to log in to the Play Store or App Store depending on your operating system and check the latest program modifications. If you need it, you need to click "Update".

The recipient does not have an Internet connection

One of the common reasons why the text can be seen sent, but not delivered to Messenger, is due to the recipient not being connected to the Internet. Therefore, the only solution would be wait until stability is restored, be it mobile data or Wi-Fi. Additionally, you have the option to forward the message if you feel it is necessary.

User is inactive on Facebook Messenger

User is inactive on Facebook Messenger
When a user is idle in a Facebook Messenger session, regardless of device type, messages cannot be received. Therefore, the choice alternative will be wait for the person to log into their account again on this social network, which will allow you to view the text.

Message request rejected

Request a message This applies to people who are not on your friends list and request to start a chat. However, when the recipient rejects this actionspecified element will not be delivered. Now, if this action is accepted, it can be read later.

The "Ignore messages" option is active

Facebook has the ability to ignore messages. Therefore, if it is active, these items are not delivered to Messenger but are sent to the Filtered Messages section, which calls the system of requests to start chats. So the user will have to navigate to this function to see the text.

It should be noted that this characteristic does not notify the person about receipt of the goods this type. Therefore, if you want to deactivate this tool, you need to go to the user's chat, click the button "i" > "Privacy and Help" > "Ignore Messages".

Other reasons and solutions

There are other reasons and solutions which can cause the message to appear sent but not delivered. Among the same It is worth noting:

  • Human violated social norms applied by Facebook and you can view it here connection.
  • User suddenly sent a lot of messagesso you will have to wait a long time to do it again.
  • If there are other problemsit will be necessary go to Facebook Help Center through the following connection.

Know the reasons why messages sent on Facebook Messenger are not being delivered, It is essential to apply appropriate solutionswhich allow the user to take advantage of the benefits of this service.

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