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Free Fire is cool video game battle royale officially released to the market in 2017 by Garena and developed by 111dots Studio.. The project is directed and designed by Forrest Xiaodong Li, whose game is available for a variety of mobile devices and can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store and App Store.

Free Fire has gradually gained fame due to its ease of launch on mobile devices such as smartphones. This is thanks This game requires much less resources than games like Fornite or PUBG.where a more powerful computer is needed to run animations with more detailed graphics.

The fact that Free Fire is a game of this type battle royale It can be downloaded and played on mobile devices, which has brought it mass appeal and popularity. Especially for those who want to experience this kind of survival video games. where you have a time limit to beat other players and become the winner of the competitionusing different weapons, items and strategies.

  1. What does it consist of?
  2. Account in Garena
  3. Available platforms

What does it consist of?

As has become clear, Free Fire has the characteristics of a video game. battle royale, and provides an alternative that requires fewer resources than competitors to enjoy these types of games on almost any mobile device. Offers a fast and smooth experience on basic computers without the need to reduce game modes or player comfort.

Essentially, the essence of this type of game remains the same, the player flies over a playing field that represents an island, where he has the opportunity to specify where to land. Then You have 10 minutes to compete with 50 other players online. where the player from a third person view must obtain all types of weapons, defensive and regenerative elements to achieve the final goal, being the only survivor on the battlefield.

Thus, the main goal of a type of game like Free Fire is to provide a vast map on which competitions and battles with numerous opponents can unfold, giving players a wide scope for action and encouraging fast-paced games by reducing the area The game map is accessible throughout the entire game , which reduces the space between characters and makes collisions inevitable.

Game modes

Currently, the most popular versions of Free Fire have a variety of styles and game modes, each depending on the map, number of players, types of weapons used, and more. The most popular game modes are listed below:

Classic mode

This is the play style most suited to this game, and the easiest to understand: the game takes you to one of two maps designed for this mode: Bermuda or Purgatory. This modality can be played alone, in pairs or in a squad. Subsequently, they must compete with other opponents to become the sole winner at the end of the game.

Qualification mode

In this game mode, it is possible to compete for points that will allow the user to increase or decrease their status in the game. The Free Fire scoring system resets based on the length of the season in question. Allows you to randomly play in Bermuda or Purgatory. You can start the game in single, double or squad mode.

In burst mode

This style of play has a tighter time limit, approximately 8 minutes per session, with fewer players than the normal game, with 20 survivors at the start of the game. Gas moves much faster in the battle arena and this mode is only available on certain days of the week.

Zombie Invasion Mode

This is a unique game mode in Free Fire, it gives players the opportunity to form teams to survive the countless zombies that will stalk and harass players throughout the game to finally defeat the final boss and win the game.

Custom Mode

In custom mode, the player creating the game can change the properties of the characters, decide what weapons will be available, the number of characters, vehicles, hit points of each player, as well as other characteristics. Private or public rooms can be created for users who wish to enter.

Account in Garena

The main company responsible for the development and distribution of Free Fire is known as Garena. It is a video game platform that supports and distributes many currently famous games such as League of Legends or FIFA Online 3. To have free access to Free Fire and other games, you need to create an account on Garena, which will allow you to play the video game . Below we will briefly discuss how to create your own Garena account.

Create an account

  1. The first step you need to take to create a new account in Free Fire is to go to the official Free Fire website. Garena.
  2. Already on the official Garena website, you need to download the Garena Free Fire application, depending on your operating system, through the App Store or Google Play.Install Garena Free Fire
  3. After installing the application, you have access to it. Where you will see a portal that will offer several options for logging into Free Fire, among them there will be an icon with a silhouette of a person on which you can log in and create an account.Create an account in Garena Free Fire
  4. Then select "Start the game" to customize the characteristics of the character to be used in campaigns.Start a free game with fire
  5. Then you will see two options select character gender which will be used in Free Fire, be it "Female" or "Male", along with the nickname that will be used during the development of the game, once it is decided"Create"How to create a free Fire account
  6. If the previous steps are completed correctly, the Garena account will be successfully created and Free Fire can be launched without any problems.


Once the app is downloaded, installed and subsequently registered for an account on the Garena Free Fire platform, logging in is extremely easy for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

  1. To log in, you must first install the official Free Fire app and create an account.
  2. Once in the application, you need to select an icon with a silhouette of a person, where you can log in.Create an account in Garena Free Fire
  3. Then on the next open tab you will see an option "Start the game", which will be enough to click on it to gain access to the user account.Start a free game with fire
  4. After completing the previous steps, the player will be ready to start the game in any of the currently available modes.

Link account

It is common among Garena Free Fire users to link their own Garena accounts on platforms such as Facebook or VKontakte in order to be able to quickly and efficiently launch the game from any device.


  1. Once you log into Free Fire, you will see a distinctive settings icon in one of the top corners where you can set up your account.Link Facebook to Free Fire
  2. When accessing your account settings, you must select the option "Connection" to link your Garena account to the player's Facebook account.
  3. Link Free Fire to Facebook
  4. After this step, you should launch the Facebook account you want to link.Facebook in free fire
  5. Once you log in to Facebook, the social network will display personal information that will be available for your Garena account and Free Fire game.
  6. Once the prerequisites have been accepted, select the text box "Continue as" to complete the operation and link your Facebook account.


  1. When logging into Free Fire, the characteristic account settings icon is selected in the upper corner.Link Facebook to Free Fire
  2. After logging into your account settings, select the option “VK link"free fire from vk
  3. The next step is similar to the process of linking a Facebook account: you get access to the Free Fire VK user account.Login to Free Fire via VK
  4. When logging into a VK account, the player is provided with information to which Free Fire will have access.
  5. Once you accept the information provided by your Garena account, select "Let" to complete linking your account to this platform.

Available platforms

Free Fire is a game known for its place in the world of mobile devices, so it has been adapted to run on Android or supported iOS devices. Consequently, the corresponding versions of the game for each operating system can be found on their online platforms where all their applications are purchased.

In the case of Android, Garena Free Fire can be obtained through its Google Play Portal. And in the case of iOS this will be achieved by App Store Portal. Although this game is characterized by requiring a small amount of resources from devices, a minimum amount of power is required so that it can run well on devices and also be accessible on the computer's operating system.


  • Operating system version: Android 4.0 Ice Cream.
  • Processor: Intel quad-core processor.
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • Available storage: 600 MB.


  • Operating system version: iOS 8.0.
  • CPU: Any CPU running this version of the operating system.
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • Available storage: 600 MB.

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