Grindr is largest dating network what facilitates the meeting among gay and bisexual men. It was created in 2009 by Israeli Joel Simkhai. It currently has over 27 million registered users in 192 countries. Works How online dating applicationwhich brings together the contacts of its users through a communication tool geolocation via GPS.

This application will allow you meet people from all over the world, with tastes or preferences similar to yours. All you have to do is download the app, register and start enjoying. Currently Grindr is mobile appalthough with the help of an emulator it can be accessed from any computer.

  1. Characteristics
  2. How it works?
  3. Opinions
  4. Plans and prices
  5. conclusions


On social networks it's fashionable to filter, flirt or fall in love, and the gay world couldn't stay away from this option find a company with only one click."

The Grindr app gives you offers ease, speed and minimal effort meet friends, have sex or achieve a strong emotional relationship.

This is a dating network specially created for control it from your mobile phoneand thereby ease access to more than 700 profiles "possible pairs" that located by GPS system. Geolocation find To users that their tastes are similar to yours and that they coincide in the same area or city. Then he sends you catalog of prospectswhere you can choose the man you like.

The interface shows you a kind mosaic, with organized photos in accordance with closeness of men to the place where you are. You will have access to the profile of the boy you are interested in as soon as you select his photo.

Grindr also offers you a call directory. "Gay Tribes"Where users have been labeled (classified) according to style, physical qualities And relationship. Examples of “Grindr tribes”: Bear, Discreet, Neat, Athlete, HIV-positive, Transgender, Macho, Mature, Otter, etc.

Grindr is free applicationwhich is loading App Store And Google games. It's found available for That Cell phones Android, iOS and Blackberry.

Who is it aimed at?

Internet dating pages

This is an application created especially for you gay or bisexual men communicate. To subscribe, you must be of legal age, over 17 or 18 years of age, according to the laws of each country.

An important requirement to connect to the network is that you have downloaded Grindr app on your mobile deviceand also wish you good luck Internet signal.


  • This is an ideal option for those men who stay “inside the closet”since you can start a conversation and meet friends with whom you can share common topics.
  • Eat profiles for every taste: if you are looking for young people, you will get them; If you prefer adults or mature men, they are at your disposal.
  • Opportunity do immediate contactsimply by clicking on the photo of the potential client you like.
  • Because this is an application that promotes real meetings via geolocationThis means that the handsome guy you see at the bus stop or the athletic guy who goes to the corner gym can become part of your catalog if they have the Grindr app downloaded on their cell phones.
  • In this jungle of meetings you can also find interested men V moment of pleasure or call express sex.
  • And if you'd rather stay on the sidelines and not have meetings, you have an alternative - reach out to people to get started. “hot chat”, “hotline” style.
  • Grindr now has video call serviceso that the future meeting takes place without so much mistrust and uncertainty.


  • On the other hand, geolocation also involves risks, since by showing your exact location, you expose yourself safety problems such as theft, blackmail, homophobic attacks, etc.
  • Fake accounts and emails may be created to insult other users.
  • Grindr's measures have not been effective in preventing vulgar and offensive language.
  • People from different countries have created a profile in the application for the sole purpose of: sell drugs and other illegal substances.
  • From psychological point of viewease of use of a mobile phone to find and change a partner it can become a vice. Well, the idea of ​​finding a partner for a stable relationship disappears, and an unbridled desire to live new experiences prevails.
  • It has high consumption from battery and data mobile device.

How it works?

  • You must create your profile: choose a good photo and description of your tastes and preferences. A well-developed profile will help you get attractive candidates and better offers.
  • System Geolocation GrindrThis allows discover geographical location of all its users, and therefore sends a catalog with ordered photos to your mobile phone, according to physical intimacy between men.
  • A kind of mosaic of photographs occupies the entire screen, and touching a photo of a boy which you like, it automatically expands and open profile showing your details.
  • IN same screen you can visualize if the potential client is onlineor when you last logged in.
  • The application also offers you chat option with the person you are interested in and confirm whether there is intimacy between both parties.
  • Once you achieve the "feeling", you can send them photos, additional data and your exact location. arrange a personal meeting.
  • Since the experience of networking and dating has different results, Grindr offers you the opportunity Sort profiles according to your preferences., sort them between those you've already contacted and those who are waiting. Of course you can also block those you want to eliminate from your "matching" directory.
  • If you want to explore the surrounding area, you have access to view all 700 male profiles who have downloaded the Grindr app on their phones.

Note: In accordance with Apple's restriction policy, No climbing allowed nude photosconsidering it pornographic material.

How to create your profile?

  1. When you first open the application, click on the profile icon.
  2. You can create your profile using display name or nickname.
  3. Next, write a short description of your interests and tastes.
  4. Paste attractive photowith your basic personal data.

It is this information that will be shown when a man selects your photo on the mosaic, and you will also receive a notification whether you are connected at that moment or not.


Among the opinions of Grindr users: concerns may be perceived due to the delay in resolving problems with the application, the reluctance to ban the posting of photos in boxer shorts, people with online profiles and the blatant sale of drugs.

There were also users with positive opinions and who are generally happy with the application.

Positive reviews

  • Yuliy, November 2019: “The application is excellent, the only thing it lacks is sending videos.”
  • Ricardo, January 2020: “At the moment this seems to be the best app for gays, and now with video calls you have eaten it”
  • Iran, February 2020: “There is always someone interesting to talk to online. The experience was excellent."
  • Yender, March 2020: “I love Grindr. Its interface, resources and features met my expectations."

Negative opinions

  • Walter, October 2019: “There is a person with a profile offering drugs for sale. This has been reported and they haven’t blocked it yet.”
  • Pablo, January 2020: "They closed my account for no reason and now I can't open it to restore the chats."

Plans and prices

Grindr offers free version and one Premium version, by paying a fee. It may vary depending on the region where you are located.

The free version allows you to chat and meet attractive and interesting people, but if you want more options for finding guys and having fun, Grindr offers two Premium versions.

Premium version – GrindrXTRA

You can use the following services:

  • See profile up to 600 boys.
  • See All Guys what are they connected.
  • Notifications personalized.
  • Option Unlimited number of locks and favorites
  • Slide through profiles.
  • Filters additional.
  • Save and send chat messages.
  • send photos Faster.
  • Filter And tag profiles recent contact.
  • Confirm what was read.
  • Icon for discreet application.
  • Password or PIN code.
  • Catalog with more Tribes Grindr.
  • No Ads worries.

Premium version – GrindrUNLIMITED.

In addition to the previous services, GrindrXTRA Unlimited gives you access to the following exclusive features:

  • Opportunity visit profiles through unlimited.
  • Opportunity to find out what a boy Ha visited your profile.
  • Navigation incognita.
  • You know boy You I'm writing at the moment.
  • Cancel sending files.

Access to GrindrXTRA or GrindrUNLIMITED will be limited time and will be renewed automatically, unless one of the parties decides to terminate the contract. Use Premium services, You must create a user account and pay the applicable fees.

The duration of the service, renewal time and cost will depend on the selected plan.

Download the mobile version of Grindr:

For Android devices:

Grindr - Chat and gay meetings
Grindr - Chat and gay meetings

For iOS devices:


Application Grindr came to fill the void around creating an online dating network that would unite community of gay or bisexual men. Eleven years after its creation, its users include gay, bisexual, transgender and transsexual men and women who use the network to contact, locate and meet people who share the LGBT world.

These networks of gay apps are becoming increasingly popular, and as their user base increases, so does their popularity. worry around security and privacy of its members, who in many cases became victims of robbery, blackmail, physical and verbal violence. However, despite these hidden dangers, most of this community LGBT people think what is your experience with online dating apps have yielded positive results.

The recommendation is that you enjoy it to the fullest if you are having a good time, otherwise remove yourself from the environment and look for a different world with like-minded people who will make you feel good and happy.

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