Hello Carrefour: How to View or Review Payroll in Employee Portal

Hello Carrefour is a web portal to view the salaries of employees of this multinational company, which has Payment information their employees electronically.

The consultation procedure is very simple, since this is the personnel section that makes it easier for employees to access administrative tasks. Below we will show you how it works.

  1. Check salary
  2. Restore password

Check salary

Carrefour does not physically process the payroll of its employees. For this purpose, the company has an electronic portal that allows its employees to receive information about payments or other types of information. Steps to achieve this goal:

  1. Login to the official website https://hola.carrefour.es/. It is important to remember that you must access from a country that is compatible with the page, otherwise the page will be blocked.
  2. Once the platform opens, you must place a user and this is nothing more than the last 7 digits of the DPR and the letter at the beginning. For example, if the ID is 12345678P, enter P 2345678.
  3. Next, enter password and click on the button Login.
    Hello Carrefour, payroll steps
  4. Once inside the portal, go to the section My salary and in the Security Key section, click on Create new.
  5. The password will be requested immediately and sent by email in a locked PDF format. To unlock, enter the DNI in the same format used for the user.
  6. Once you enter your 4-digit password, it will appear in the PDF file.you will be able to view the payslip with payment information.

It is important to emphasize that this system has a high level of security, so it is important to have the appropriate information. Additionally, you must have access to your email to guarantee entry.

Restore password

One of the key aspects use Hi Carrefour this is the password. If you don't have it because there is no registration on the platform or you forgot it, you can restore it. In this case, further actions are summarized as follows:

  1. Login to the portal as usual and click on the option “Have you forgotten your password?" located under the “Login” button.
    Reset Carrefour password, step 1
  2. Immediately opens the format where necessary place a user as mentioned in the previous section or as usual. Next, click send button.
    Reset password Hello Carrefour steps
  3. In an email you will receive the document in PDF format with a key. To open it, you must unlock it with your DNI number and it will open with a temporary key.
  4. Fill in the information in the requested fields through the system and proceeds to set a secure password. Additionally, you need to enter security questions to complete the procedure.

The Hola Carrefour portal offers all the information an employee needs to know the salary paid by the company on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis. It is a way to streamline system administration to improve user experience.

Thus, process of consulting on wages of Carrefour employees It's easy if you have the necessary tools. Although the system may fail at times, most of the time it provides employee information effectively.

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