Hi5: how to recover photos from old accounts

Loneliness can be a problem, and a little shyness can prevent you from seeking out company. At the moment, There are pages on the Internet that help you meet people. and even to make appointmentsbut its interface and way of communication may seem a little aggressive or “empty” to many.

Hi5 is one of the pages that stands out for pairing searches. or dating in the world of the Internet. It has a simple interface, similar to any social network, so it will be a pleasure to use. If you're old school and have a Hi5 account but You don't remember your username and password, there are ways to recover it. It will show you how to become familiar with the updated platform.

  1. What is Hi5
  2. Recover old account and upload photos
  3. Hi5 transformation

What is Hi5

Hello5 is a social network aimed at young people who want to meet and date. Entry is possible without prior registration, using your Facebook account or your Gmail account. When you log in via Facebook, the same profile photo and details will be automatically posted on both platforms.

It works similar to Tinder, where you can see all the photos on the wall that suit your tastes. This gives you the opportunity to like and even the ability "Buy" To people. This market, where people can buy from you symbolically, is the method by which you become popular on the social network. Although its use is freeThere are some important features that you will have to pay for.

Recover old account and upload photos

This site has been in existence since mid-2003. and many of their accounts are still active. If you want to recover your username, you must have access to email under which you registered, you can send you information there to restore your account. Here's how to do it:

  1. You should open the following web address: http://www.hi5.com/reactivate_account.html There you need to enter the email address with which you registered your old account.
  2. Select the "Send” and you will automatically see confirmation that the letter has been sent.How to recover a deleted account, step 1 and 2.
  3. In the email, you only need to click the link on the page to complete the activation.

Remarkable not all your files will be recovered, just your basic information. The interface has changed a lot and you will find a completely different Hi5.

Hi5 transformation

In 2003 Hi5 was created with the goal of becoming a social network for young people.The goal was to communicate and show your tastes to others. You can customize your interface and even add music to your profile. It was one of the most visited pages in the world that year. However, for 2010 his goal was completely changed.

The company acquires a famous gaming house "Encore Six", which will determine the new direction of the platform. Now it will no longer be primarily a social network. they would turn this into a games page, where you could interact with other players. Although the idea was innovative, it was not very popular.

Users began to migrate to other social networks that were becoming increasingly important on the Internet. Hi5 lost its main purpose, but it changed in 2011 when it was sold to Tagged. The goal of the new owner was to reposition the social network., but this time without video games. The company decided to merge its database and create two web pages offering similar services.

Since that year it has undergone several changes until it became what we see today. social network for dating. Although its popularity has declined in recent years, many users still use it. Despite all these changes, we can say that Hi5 is a social network that refuses to diereinventing myself every day.

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