How to Create a Temporary Email

Email is one of the most important services now because they are connected to almost every platform on the Internet. Whether you need to register on a social network, receive notifications from your bank accounts, receive information about paperwork procedures, or simply communicate at work or in everyday life. However, there are times when you don't want to provide your personal email address, so temporary email.

But the fact is that these are time-limited, one-time accounts and are sometimes called “fake”, because many times They are used to avoid sharing your information. real. In any case, there are many platforms offering this type of service, which can last anywhere from a couple of hours to two days or a little less. That is why you will see a list below best temporary emails.

  1. Yopmail
  2. 10 minute mail
  3. maildrop
  4. Free temporary email
  5. Partisan mail


temporary mail

This is perhaps the most recognizable platform of its style. Although your email accounts do not expire (unless you clear your browser history), Sent and received messages are limited to a maximum of 8 days. remove them from the servers.

Except, You can access Yopmail from any device which works with cookies, which will allow you to manage not only one personal account, but two or three. There is no need to add a password or recovery email, but you can choose between personalized or random. To avail this service, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Login to Yopmail does Click here.
  2. A bar will appear where you will be asked to write your temporary address. Here you must write a personal address and then click on the buttonCheck your email".
  3. A message box will open where you can easily receive and send emails. Please remember that after 8 days the emails are no longer valid.

10 minute mail

temporary mail

Of course, if you want something much more ephemeral and with an almost immediate expiration date, then you'll love 10 Minutes Mail. A platform that will create a temporary and automatic email that It disappears after 10 minutes.

However, you always have the option increase this time limit by another ten minutes pressing a button. This provides maximum security since the system-provided address will no longer be accessible after deletion.

  1. Enter 10 Minute Email does Click here.
  2. A mailbox will appear with a disposable email address, as well as a timer.
  3. Copy the address and you will have exactly 10 minutes to receive the confirmation code. for any registration services or anything else you need to do.
  4. If you need more minutes, just click [Get 10 more minutes] and you're done.


temporary mail

Another temporary email platform worth using is Maildrop. With it, you only need to write a personal address and if it is available, it will automatically send you to your inbox for you to use.

But unlike the previous ones, the account will only be deleted when you stop using it or receiving messages. Although if you have a lot of traffic, after the tenth letter the oldest ones will be deleted permanently.

  1. Login to maildrop does Click here.
  2. Write the desired personal address and click [View Inbox].
  3. That's it, you will find yourself in your mailbox. Now you can use email as you wish.

Free temporary email

temporary mail

With this one-time email client, you can spend more time using it because It offers you 24 hours as the validity period. If you stop using the service for this period, the account will be deleted, but if you continue to use it until you exceed this limit, it will remain active.

In fact, free temporary email developed several servers to always have an account to offer you. Although, if you want to customize the address at your own discretion, you also have that option.

  1. Enter your free temporary email address does Click here.
  2. Automatically It will send you to a mailbox with a random address. But if you want to change it, you just need to rewrite it in the panel that appears on the screen.
  3. You can choose one of the available domains or leave the one that is activated by default.

Partisan mail

temporary mail

It's not the most intuitive in terms of interface, but it's super useful when you just need 1 hour to use it. Guerrilla Mail gives you a random address and you also have the option to enter your own, depending on your needs.

On the other hand, with Guerrilla Mail you can choose between 11 different domains or create your own from the tools tab. Yes all Messages received or sent expire after one hour.although the account as such is not deleted.

  1. Login to Guerrilla Mail does Click here.
  2. It will automatically show you the inbox and now you can use it that way.
  3. But if you want to customize itjust change the address and select a domain to change it.

As you have seen throughout the post, there are various websites that provide you with temporary or one-time email services. You should choose the option that best suits your needs and start using it for everything you need. This way you will avoid any possible spam in your official email.

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