How to Create a Wolfteam Account Step by Step

For create a Wolfteam account you can register with your Facebook account or through email and password. Currently, interest in online games with historical and shooting themes has increased significantly. That's why some users are turning to Wolfteam: a free online fighting game from Softnyx consisting of clashes between werewolves and armed warriors.

In this article you will see in a few steps how to create a Wolfteam account both from your Facebook profile and using your email address and login password. Additionally, you will be provided with a detailed login and account registration process even if you don't have Facebook or email. In turn, you will see the procedure login and recover your account in case you have forgotten your access password.

  1. From Facebook
  2. With email and password
  3. No mail
  4. Login

From Facebook

This is one of the simplest methods as Wolfteam only obtains information from your Facebook account to synchronize data and avoid filling out fields like name, email, gender, etc. This is a quick process where you only need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Log in"