How to find a person by first and last name on the Internet

Before the Internet era, it was a herculean task to be able to contact a person of whom we had no trace, of whom we only knew his first and last name, since there were no tools that would help us collect information about the location or meaning contact information of any person. However today Searching for a person by full name has become much easier thanks to the Internet..

For this reason, it does not matter whether it is a childhood friend whom we always remember and do not know how to contact, or a family member or acquaintance whose phone number we have lost and whom we want to contact again. The truth is that there are tools and platforms such as social networks and people search engines. which allow you to find these people wherever they are.

You want to know how to find a person by first and last name on the Internet? So don't worry, here we will delve into this topic and provide you with everything you need to know about it.

  1. Searching for people on social networks
  2. Find people through Internet search engines.
  3. Sites for finding people on the Internet

Searching for people on social networks

The fastest and easiest way to search for people on the Internet by first and last name is to use the most common social networks. It's because Many people often have a profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. or any other of these platforms.

Ideally, use the search engine of each of these platforms to find the person we need to find. It is important post information in as much detail as possiblesince in this way we will reduce the search range and we will have a better chance of finding the person we are interested in.

A very useful trick you can consider is to use first and last name, first and middle name next to last name and so on to try to get lucky. Of course, this does not give us any guarantee of finding the profile of the person we are looking for, but if you are lucky, you will not only receive information about this person, but also you will have direct means of communication to establish contact with him or her.

Find people through Internet search engines.

Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing are another effective way to obtain information about a person for whom we only have a first and last name. To do this, for example, simply go to Google and enter the full name (you need to be as specific as possible) of the person we want to track and do a search.
look for people on the InternetWhen we do this, we will see the results associated with that name, so it will be It is necessary to conduct an investigation of the pages that the search returns. and see if we come across your profile on a social network or other page that collects people's data.

Some aspects that can help you when performing this search are to accompany the person's name with some additional information that allows you to filter the information, for example: First and last name + nationality or First and last name + profession. Example: Carlos Perez the Mexican or Maria Gomez the Teacher.

Sites for finding people on the Internet

If you were unable to use the previous two methods, don't worry, it's time to make room for best sites to search for people by first name, last name or ID. All of these options are completely free and have an extensive database that will help you find information about the person you are looking for.



Another interesting tool that we can get on the Internet is WebMii, a free platform that is quite easy to use, making the process of finding a person very comfortable. In this sense, simply log into WebMii and search for the desired person by first and last name. Then, answering We can filter the results using keywords.indicating whether you want to include the social network in the search range, and other details, which can be found on the website.

There is no doubt that this option can be very useful in many cases, but it is important to keep in mind that the platform It only allows this type of search in 34 countries. which are displayed in a list inside the platform itself.



Another one of the most popular online platforms in the world when it comes to finding information about people from anywhere in the world. People. This platform not only uses a powerful search engine that Allows you to filter results by age ranges or geographic locationbut will allow you to add specific information such as an email address or Username social networks to optimize search results.

The working principle of Pipl is based on collecting all the information from other platforms such as social networks, online databases and other platforms, therefore It's an all-in-one that's sure to make your life easier. when searching for people on the Internet.

If your intention to search for information about a person by first and last name is based on obtaining additional information in order to select a candidate for a job, then This is one of the best free options you will find on the Internet. This platform allows you to fill text fields with specific information, such as profession, academic data, social data. and others.

At the same time, its search engine will search blogs, digital magazines, online publications, social networks and will even provide information if a person has a criminal record. The only "disadvantage" this tool may have is that it the search engine returns results slower than other optionsso you will have to be patient until you see results.


look in

The last option on this list is Pikyuanother completely free website that will help us not only search for people by first and last name, but also provides fairly complete and useful information. In this sense, once you log into the platform and use its search engine, this tool will crawl the Internet, finding news, social media, blogs and all types of websites in general.

Using Peekyou is very easy, and in fact, of all the options mentioned in this list, this is probably the one you need. It has the easiest to use interface. If you're looking for a friend or someone you haven't heard from in a while, this option can be extremely helpful.



ZabaSearch is a platform that focuses its search on finding people on various social networks, so it is perhaps one of the most useful options if you need to find a person's profile to contact them. This site is quite simple, and in fact, Its simplified interface offers nothing more than a search bar. and a couple of additional tabs.

Use ZabaSearch Just go to their website, use the search engine to type in the person's name, and then look at the results they get for different social networks. If you are lucky and this person has a profile on a social network such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or any other, then ZabaSearch will definitely find it. We left this option last because your search is limited to the United States. However, if the person you are looking for resides in this place, this is one of the best options that you can choose.

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