How to find out which country or region a phone number belongs to: country code

It has happened to many that at some point they wondered where is this phone number from?. This is a problem because most of the time it involves receiving spam, promotional or telemarketing calls. You can also receive messages from unregistered contacts whose identity is unknown.

If this happens to you, do not despair; there are several ways to find out which country or region a phone number belongs to. Eat technological tools and search engines which provide information to clarify doubts and identify the interlocutor. Find out about the most commonly used ones below.

  1. Using the Google search engine
  2. With spam filter
  3. Applications for identifying numbers
  4. Other Alternatives
  5. Where does this number come from, common questions, how to find out

Using the Google search engine

The first recommended option when figuring out the origin of a phone number is to search on Google. You just need open the browser and paste the entered numbers into the identifier calls in the search bar.

Find a phone number using the Google search engine

Available alternatives that match the search are immediately displayed. For example, if it is a commercial number, the name of the company that owns it will appear and you can find out if the call is commercial. You can also enter a code to find out which country the contact belongs to.

With spam filter

Phone brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung or Google have a built-in anti-spam application. This is about a filter that determines whether a number can be considered spam or if it is a suspicious call.

Where does this anti-spam app phone number come from?

If you often receive unexpected calls, you just need go to settings and in the calling application go to settings. Find anti-spam protection and activate it. If a call comes from a company or a specific institution, the mobile phone will immediately notify you about it. The process may vary depending on the equipment model.

Applications for identifying numbers

Another alternative for those receiving suspicious calls is caller ID apps. The app store can recommend various alternatives:


This is a program that can be installed on your mobile phone and, thanks to the database, quickly determine who is calling. Additionally, it can be used to block certain types of communication and even identify the number of the person sending the messages.


A free service that analyzes old phone records and other online information. This is a very useful platform because all you have to do is enter a number to analyze a large database. Just go to and enter the number you are looking for in the search bar. If you have an ad blocker enabled, it may take a few seconds for the blue Search button to appear.

Caller ID

This is another application that is installed on a mobile phone and has the ability to identify unknown calls. If it is considered suspicious, it blocks the message and adds it to the blacklist.

However, despite their high efficiency, it is important to remember that these applications leave your computer unprotected when it comes to security and privacy. Therefore, its installation is recommended only when other methods are not effective.

Other Alternatives

If you are still unable to find out where this phone number is from, there are other ways that can help you a lot. Here are some of the most notable alternatives used by those who have experienced similar situations:

  1. SpamList: This is an online caller ID service that you can access and enter the phone number you called. It has a very extensive database, which makes searching much easier.
  2. Yellow and white pages: The world's most popular phone number lists are now online and contain a large amount of data. They are very easy to use and very effective. The search process varies by country.
  3. Save the number and update your WhatsApp contacts.: If the sender has a profile in this messaging system, you can get information about him. This way you can have an idea of ​​who the sender is.

Where does this number come from, common questions, how to find out

Finding out where a number is calling us from will help you avoid spam and misleading advertising. This section answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding these types of apps and platforms.

Can we find out where the call came from?

No, some phone numbers cannot be detected. This is due to the use of special filters and applications that prevent identification of the number. This doesn't happen with all numbers, but sometimes we may not get results.

Do paid apps know where the number is located better?

In general, number plate identification platforms and apps work in a similar way. Paid apps can access more advanced databases and more sophisticated comparison services, but free services often produce the same results.

Can I automatically detect the SPAM number?

Various smartphone manufacturers have developed self-detection systems for spam using phone number identification. Repeated calls from certain cities or phone services allow us to instantly determine whether they are invasive advertising.

In short, you know where is the phone number from This is a very simple procedure if you know the right tools. Explore all available online and avoid unwanted calls.

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