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Blogger is Google's platform that allows you to create blog-style pages for writing and publishing articles online. Its official launch took place in 1999, but it was only in 2003 that the American giant took it into its own hands. This service has become famous for the fact that it is not necessary to have programming knowledge or install any program in order to be able to create a page design, write content and publish it completely free of charge.

To enjoy Blogger in all its glory, you need to log in using your Google account, that is, using your email address (Gmail) and password. You can log in and start writing via the web and mobile app; If you have any problems or would prefer to have someone help you, we at MundoCuentas are always ready to help you, so below we will explain step by step how to log into Blogger.

  1. Login to Blogger via the Internet
  2. Login to Blogger from the app (Android)
  3. I'm having trouble logging in! Solutions?
  4. Secure Login Tips
  5. About the blogger

Login to Blogger via the Internet

The service originated on the Internet and is here to stay, so if you want to use Blogger to its full potential again, you'll need to log in from its website.

  1. Go to the official website
  2. In the upper right corner there is an inscription: “Login", Click here.
  3. It will redirect you to the Google login page; First you must enter your email address and then click the blue button that says "Next".
  4. Now it's time to enter your password. If you can't enter it correctly, you can click on the eye icon with a diagonal line overlay so that it is visible as you type. Finally, click "Next".

These steps will be enough for you to log into Blogger without any problems, just be careful when entering your data, you may write incorrectly without realizing it.

Login to Blogger from the app (Android)

The Blogger app for Android (owned by Google) is a fast and intuitive way to upload articles. If you're traveling or have a million-dollar idea but don't have access to a PC, this app is for you. But keep in mind that to use it anywhere from your mobile device, you need to be logged in.

  1. Download the app to your Android device via this link.
  2. When you open it, the same app will ask you to choose an email address that you have already synced with your mobile device or add a new one.
  3. Once you have selected your email address, the session will begin automatically.

Logging into the Blogger app is very simple: you just need to have an email address associated with Blogger or add a new account.

I'm having trouble logging in! Solutions?

There are never any problems logging in, especially if you haven't logged in for a long time or don't quite remember the information needed to do so. Luckily, below we'll list a number of common login problems, along with their solutions.

  • Forgotten password.
    Without a password, you will not be able to access your Google account, much less Blogger; if you have forgotten it, there is a way to recover it. To come in this page and enter the last password you remember, if the system detects a match, it will offer you several options to reset it and restore your account.
  • Forgotten email address.
    If you're having trouble logging into Blogger because you forgot the email address you signed up with, don't worry, log in first. Here. Enter the phone number associated with your account (if you have one) or recovery email address, and you will be presented with several options to recover your forgotten email.
  • Do you only remember your blog address?
    If you don't remember your blogger email address or password, but remember one of your projects, follow this link this linkenter it in the first field and click the buttonSearch". They will immediately tell you that an email has been sent to you and the name of the provider that generated it.

These three problems are very common and their solutions are very simple, but if you are still having problems logging in and none of the solutions described here work for you, contact your Google support.

Secure Login Tips

It is very important to follow some security rules before logging into your Blogger account because if it falls into the hands of third parties, your projects could suffer serious damage.

  • Change your password frequently.
    Your password should be up to date to minimize the chance of someone guessing it or hackers hacking it. To change your Blogger password, you need to change your Google account password. To do this, you need to log in and follow the following route: "Safety" > "Sign in to Google" > "Password(you will probably have to log in again), enter your new password and finally click "Change password".
  • Have an updated antivirus.
    Hackers are the main threat to your blog, especially if you are running it successfully, so you must take care of your work environment by keeping it secure with a good antivirus and an updated database.
  • Do not save your password on another device or PC.
    If someone lends you their computer or mobile device and you decide to review or write something on your blog, never leave your password saved when you log in. Typically, after logging in, a tab will appear asking if you want to save your password to the browser form. If you're logging in from an app, make sure you don't check any boxes that cause your password to be saved or your session to remain logged in.

These tips will help you keep your blog and Google account secure; However, the most valuable way to avoid becoming a victim of burglary or theft is common sense.

About the blogger

Blogger started in 1998 with Pyra Labs as one of the first online blogging services. Google bought it in 2003; The latter made all the paid functions that the tool had at that time completely free, and also added completely innovative additions for that time, such as categories and tags.

Blogger's features are expanding, with some of the most interesting being scheduled posts, template design, publishing via mobile telephony, an integrated and innovative photo viewer known as Lightbox, easy adding of images and videos in the post editor and much more.

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