How to Open a PUB File Without a Publisher: Best Websites

PUB files designated Microsoft Publisher application extensionwhich is a program belonging to the Microsoft Office suite.

If you don't have Publisher, in this article we will teach you best sites to open PUB files in a simple and fast way.

  1. With Zamzar
  2. With online conversion
  3. With Online2PDF
  4. From PUB to PDF
  5. Cousin PDF

With Zamzar

Form open .pub files is via Zamzar. This platform has various conversion formats and can convert them to PDF or other format that makes it easier to read on any device. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Enter Zamzar.
  2. press the button "Add files.."or drag and drop the file you want to convert using your mouse.Open PUB File Using Zamzar - Step 2
    Note: files They should not exceed 50 MB.if you don't register.
  3. Click "Translate to" and select the format you want to convert the file to. Note. It is recommended to convert to PDF.because it is a universal format and can be opened on almost any device.
  4. Then select "Convert now" and in a couple of seconds you will have a file in the desired format.Note: In addition, you can Enter your email address to receive the file there after changing the format.
  5. Finally, you can download the document to your computer or receive it by email, depending on your choice.

With online conversion

Open PUB file with Online Convert

This platform It's completely free, allows you to convert multimedia files from one format to another. You can convert audio, documents, videos, e-books, images and more. Its operation is similar to Zamzar, so converting a Pub file will be very easy. web versionhas an extension for Chrome and Mozilla.

Official website:

With Online2PDF

Open the PUB file using Online2PDF.
You just need to upload the corresponding file to the platform and convert it to another format so that you can edit it. Maximum size 100 MB., you can select multiple files at once, up to 20, but their size cannot exceed 150 MB. Among its many functions is the function edit files, unlock them, edit or convert them.

Official site:

From PUB to PDF

Open PUB file using PUB to PDF.
This This is an online tool with which you can convert PUB files to PDF. It's completely free, fast and its interface is easy to use. Among its other functions is the function cConvert ePub to Kindle, MOBI to ePub files, PDF to Kindle, ePub to PDF and DjVu to PDF. You can download them individually or group them into a ZIP file.

Official site:

Cousin PDF

Open PUB file with Primo PDF
In case you need convert files frequently, this is the perfect downloadable program. You just need to select the file and choose the output format and that's it, the software will take care of everything. It has free version and paid version. Moreover, it offers other additional tools such as virtual printer simulation.

Official site:

In addition to these programs and websites, you can open PUB files using Google Drive or Corel Draw, two other great options.

With these methods you can open PUB file without Publisher and completely free of charge. End of the form.

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