How to register or create an account with My Carrefour

My Carrefour is a program for Carrefour customers, the purpose of which is to provide benefits when making purchases in this supermarket chain.

So in this guide we will teach you step by step how to create or register in My Carrefour fast and easy.

  1. From the Internet
  2. From the mobile application
  3. The benefits of my Carrefour

From the Internet

For create an account in My Carrefour There are two options, from the mobile application and via the official website. The procedure is the same for both registration forms, with the difference that the application must be installed on your mobile phone. The work is carried out step by step and consists of the following steps:

  1. Login to My Carrefour page it corresponds to your country. In Argentina you can access by following this connection.
  2. Press "REGISTER"
  3. Enter your email address and press "REGISTER"How to register or create an account with My Carrefour: online guide, step 3
  4. Enter all requested information as.
  5. Confirm your email address and now the account will be created.

From the mobile application

Carrefour users in Spain they must gain access to the benefits of My Carrefour via mobile application, which is available for iOS and Android. Before you start registering You will need to download Mi Carrefour from the official store. as needed. Below are the direct redirection buttons.

My Carrefour
My Carrefour

The benefits of my Carrefour

The benefits of my Carrefour
There are various benefits received from participation in My Carrefourwhich can be accessed after registering an account on the official website or mobile application. These benefits are listed below:

  • Save on purchases: For every purchase made, Carrefour gives you 1% savings. It accumulates in the so-called "savings check"
  • Discount in Orange: You can get up to 5% discount on your final Orange bill.
  • Home shopping and delivery- It is possible to use the mobile application or the official website and place orders. In them you can choose: pick up your purchase in the store without leaving your car, or order delivery to your registered address.
  • Gasoline discounts: By joining My Carrefour you get 8% discount on all gas stations this brand. In addition to 4% on fuel purchases from Cepsa.
  • Carrefour Map: By purchasing this card, you get additional benefits such as 15% off on a specific day of the week, financing plans, 10% off the rest of the week, online shopping benefits and more.
  • Premiums and insurance: When you join this club, your insurance and premiums will be 5% discounted.
  • Family group: In this club you can create a group of up to 3 additional members who will have access to all the benefits of My Carrefour.
  • Additional discounts: In addition to the discounts and savings mentioned above, Carrefour provides discounts on selected products and other promotions for those who participate in the program.”My Carrefour"

Create an account or register with My Carrefour This is quite simple and can be done through the app or the official website, although the method available will vary depending on each country. Except, offers various benefits for purchasing products in various departments and related services.

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