How to search for people by RUT (Chile)

In Chile, if you need to find information about a person (be it a friend, family member or any individual), you must use the information offered Civil Registration and Identification Service. This government agency provides all identification information for all Chilean citizens. However, Getting to this information is not always easy.because if appropriate channels are not used, there may be a risk of violating people's privacy.

For this reason, the most commonly used method recommended by the government itself is use RUT (role of single tax) the person about whom you want to obtain information, since through this identification you can access data such as age, signature, address and full name. It's obvious that we compared to a very useful tool for work or institutional purposesso if you came here looking for how to search for people by RUTthen don't worry, we'll explain everything you need to know about it below.

  1. Ways to find RUT
  2. Other Internet pages for searching RUT

Ways to find RUT

To view a person's personal information using a RUT number in Chile, you need to access a database that contains and protects all that information. This database is managed through various possible platforms. free internet access, using the mobile device application or the Chilean government website. Knowing this, below we will explain what you should do in each case.

From the application

An option that can be very useful if you are in the hiring process and want to see many people's information is to download an app. Router, which will allow you to access all relevant information through the RUT number or by name. To learn how to search in this application, follow these instructions:


  1. Download the Router app from the website Game Store.
  2. Launch the application and select one of the options. Search by RUT or Search by name.
    • If you only know the person's first and last name, choose the second option.
  3. Fill in the field with your RUT number or first and last name and click Search.
  4. Wait for the interface to load and you will be able to see the search results.

From the browser

Another way to quickly get information about your RTH (either using the RTH number or first and last name) is RuthChile website. To do this, log into the platform from the browser of your choice. If you don't know how to do it, below we will show you step by step that you should follow:

  1. Open RutChile from your web browser using this link:
  2. In chapter Detailed information about the rooter You must enter the first and last name of the person you want to consult with and click the button Get your data now!
  3. When you do this, you will be able to see the details of the person you consulted.

Other Internet pages for searching RUT

In addition to the above page, there is other platforms that will allow you to search for people by RUT in Chile. These pages work exactly like RutChile and provide reliable information in a few seconds. Below we list what these alternatives are:
search for people by root

We hope that with all this information you won't have any problems making your queries, good luck!

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