How to search for songs by sound: the best apps for this

If you don't know the name of a song, you can use its audio to find out the title and artist, but need to use certain tools.

we'll show you best apps to search for songs through its audio so you have a quick way to find the artists and music you like.

  1. Using the Google app
  2. Using Google Assistant
  3. Song identification apps

Using the Google app

If you want to find out what song is playing near you, you can use the Google app on your mobile phone. To do this, you will only need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google app on your mobile phone.
  2. "Tap the microphone icon" in the search bar.How to Find a Song Using Google, Step 2
  3. Choose "Find a Song".How to Find a Song Using Google, Step 3
  4. Finally, play a song, hum or sing fragment of this.How to Find a Song Using Google, Step 4
  5. After this the application will will suggest the most similar results to what it identifies.

Note: this function is found available in English on iOS mobile phones.

Using Google Assistant

Another option available: identify songs using Google Assistant, which is available on Android mobile phones. To do this, do the following:

  1. Gave "Hey Google" or simply press the Home button on your mobile phone.
  2. Now you have to ask "What kind of song is this".
  3. Then start playing the song, humming the melody, whistling or humming.How to Find a Song Using Google Assistant, Step 2
  4. If the Assistant recognizes the melody, it will open a window with possible results on YouTube Music.

Note: Google Assistant only identifies songs that contain lyricsnot melodic.

Song identification apps

There are a number of alternatives for identify songs on Android or iOS deviceswhich:


Voice search for songs using Shazam
This is one of the best options at the moment search songs by sound. You just need to download it and activate the microphone, after which the application will offer you different song results. You can use it on Android or iOS devices. In addition, it has tools for read song lyrics, find information about the artistwatch the music video and more.


Voice search for songs using SoundHound
SoundHound is another option for search for a song by sound or voice, developed by SoundHound Inc. With this app, you can easily find songs and even see the best videos with the soundtrack you're looking for. Another feature to highlight is that you will have a search log, so you can find your discoveries faster. It is available for mobile phones Android or iOS.

music recognition

Search songs by voice using voice recognition
This app is perfect for recognizing new songs because it does it in a couple of seconds just by listening to a snippet or hum. It works the same as all the other options, with the advantage that you can share your music across different social networks. Plus, it comes with a flashlight that syncs to songs, perfect for a night out. Its use is only available for Android.


Voice search for songs using MusixMatch
MusicMatch, in addition to recognizing songs, shows their lyrics and translations. In the same time you can read the lyrics of the song while it is playing in other apps such as YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music. This is the perfect app for learning languages ​​with good music. You can find it in App Store how in Game Store.

In short, you have various options to search for songs by voice, either through the Google app or using an external app.

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