How to track a package on Mercado Libre: buying and selling

You made a purchase on Mercado Libre and want I know how long it will takeor even more, where you are at the moment. Packet tracking is the recommended alternative.

Whether you are buying or selling, you should know that monitoring in Mercado Libre This is one of the easiest ways. You can use the app or website to know the route at all times. Find out how below.

  1. From the application
  2. From the Internet
  3. In Correo Argentino

From the application

Mercado Libre can be monitored from the mobile application. With it you can enjoy immediate access and even look out for shipping notifications that are managed on the platform. The subsequent procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Download the application to your mobile phone and log in using the account information you used to register for Mercado Libre.
    Mercado Libre: Online stores
    Mercado Libre: Online stores

  2. Once you have identified yourself with your personal details, go to the menu and select the My purchases option.
    Free market monitoring, step 2
  3. All recently purchased products are immediately displayed. Select the one you want to track and on the screen you can see at what stage it is: in preparation, on the way or delivered.
    Free market monitoring, step 3

This is one of the easiest ways to track the packages you buy and sell using the Mercado Libre platform. When the item arrives, you will receive a message letting you know that the item has been received. Everything happens in real time.

From the Internet

To make purchases or sales also you can monitor it effectively from PC. It works similar to the application, but you need to log in from the browser and follow these steps:

  1. Login using your registration details, as you usually do. You will need a username and password.
  2. Then go to the menu and select "My purchases" option. Select the product you want to track and a summary of your purchase will be displayed.
    Monitoring Mercado Libre from the site, step 2
  3. A section will open in the right panel where click three dot menu, you can see the delivery details. Check if it is on the way or possible delivery date, and even if it has already been delivered.
    Monitoring Mercado Libre from the site, step 3

If the shipment is made through an external system, this information will usually appear on the payment receipt. Find the tracking code which, when entered on a company's website or platform, indicates the download phase it is in.

In Correo Argentino

If you have made a purchase on Mercado Libre and want to send it via Correo Argentino, only you must give notice of purchase and upload it to the international shipping portal. Then pay attention to the following procedure:

  1. Login to the delivery tracking portal