I can't hear sound on Zoom: reasons and solutions

Yeah you can't hear sound on Zoom During a video call, you need to perform a number of actions to eliminate certain problems with the device or application. Today, Zoom has become the favorite platform for video conferencing with family, friends or work team. You can use this tool on both your computer and your smart device as it has an app for Android and iOS mobile phones.

Therefore, in this article you will find Reasons why you can't hear audio on Zoom and solutions that you can implement from your mobile phone or computer. In general, this is usually a configuration error, because... when connected Zoom suggests turning off sound and camera so you can turn them on whenever you want. All you have to do is go into settings or check your speakers to make sure everything is working correctly.

  1. From phone
  2. From computer

From phone

As mentioned above, you can join a Zoom meeting via your smartphone thanks to an app available for both operating systems. Yes, during the meeting You can't hear sound or your sound is distortedtry some of the following solutions.

Unmute during a video call

When you are participating in a video conference, Zoom will ask you for permission to record audio, video, and take photographs. Accept all these requirements so that the application can work correctly. Then follow the steps given below:

  1. Press "Unmute"How to Activate Audio on a Zoom Video Call, Step 1
  2. Now, slide the screen to the left to enter the "Safe driving mode" Click the option "Click to speak" Try speaking, and if audio is recognized, you'll see Zoom indicate that you're speaking during a video call.How to Activate Audio on a Zoom Video Call, Step 2

Check your speakers

This is a simple solution that should be done before even entering the Zoom meeting. You only need open any audio or music file to make sure your phone's speakers are in perfect condition. Turn down all the volume and, after making sure that they are working correctly, enter the video call.

If the problem persists, try turning off bluetooth to prevent your phone from searching for a wireless headset or speaker. In the same way, If you have headphones connected, unplug them and try on another device.. Perhaps they are the cause of the problem. If they work correctly, try reconnecting them.

Reboot your device

Often the phone becomes overloaded with all the activities performed simultaneously. If the problem is not in the hardware of the device, then try reboot your phone to update apps and start the video call again. After rebooting your phone, make sure its volume is at a high level.

Clear app cache

If you still can't hear audio in Zoom when you restart your phone, try clearing the app's cache. There is a possibility that the application is not working due to low space or this memory is full, so you just need to follow these steps to clear Zoom cache:

  1. Login"Settings" or "Parameter» on your phone.
  2. Press "Applications"How to clear cache in Zoom app step 2
  3. Looking for "Increase"How to clear cache in Zoom app step 3
  4. Press "Storage"How to clear cache in Zoom app step 4
  5. Press "Clear cache"How to clear cache in Zoom app step 5

Note: Procedure This is similar for iOS devices.. They need to go to the Applications section, search for “Zoom” and delete the saved cache.

Reinstall Zoom

If you still can't listen to audio on Zoom, your last option is to Uninstall and reinstall the application on your mobile phone. To do this, you will have to follow the steps described below:

  1. Click the icon from "Increase" And drag it until the option "Delete"How to uninstall the Zoom app, step 1
  2. Enter Google Play Store or to App Store.
  3. Writes "Increase" and press "Install"

From computer

Zoom has both a web portal and a desktop application that can be downloaded and is compatible with various operating systems. In these cases it is necessary control certain aspects of the computer's operation to hear audio correctly during a Zoom video call.


As stated in the previous sections, this platform offers the ability to input with completely silent audio. Therefore it is necessary Unmute during a Zoom video call following:

  1. Go to the bottom of the screen and tap "Unmute now" This will activate the sound.How to Unmute a Zoom Video Call from a Computer, Step 1
  2. Make sure your microphone is activated. Otherwise, you will see a diagonal red line on the microphone icon. If it's enabled, you'll notice that the inside of the icon will be green.

Note: Another way turn sound on and off During a Zoom video call via your computer, you can use the keyboard shortcuts "ALT + A" Likewise, if you want to activate microphone temporarily, hold down the key "Space"

Check your computer's volume

Often you don't hear sound during a video conference because computer sound is muted. To eliminate this possibility, follow the steps below:

  1. Find yourself in the lower right corner on the screen and find the "Volume"
  2. Right click and press "Open volume mixer"How to Test Computer Sound During a Zoom Video Call, Step 2
  3. Make sure that Zoom volume set to maximum.How to Test Computer Sound During a Zoom Video Call, Step 3

Check your microphone volume

This solution is possible in cases where people during a video call indicate that your audio is difficult to understand or cannot be heard properly. You can have turned off your computer's microphoneTherefore, to check its volume, you must perform the following steps:

  1. In a video call Click the arrow next to the microphone icon..
  2. Choose "Sound settings..." You will see a new tab open.How to Check Microphone Volume During a Zoom Video Call, Step 2
  3. Check the microphone section and make sure it is at the appropriate volume.How to Check Microphone Volume During a Zoom Video Call, Step 3

Share audio from microphone

When you join a Zoom meeting, the platform will tell you if you want share audio from microphone or from a computer. In this case, you need to follow these steps to complete the first option:

  1. Click on the arrow located to the right of the sound icon.
  2. Press "Front microphone (VIA High Definition Audio)".How to Share Microphone Audio on a Zoom Video Call, Step 2

Join the meeting again

Zoom may be having trouble launching on your computer. Therefore, it is recommended to inform the video call participants that you will be leaving and entering the meeting shortly. So you can restart the platform by closing it and opening it again.

Before you enter again, Make sure the microphone and computer volumes are at an audible level.. If necessary, you can also add headphones with an additional microphone. This way, you will have a better chance of listening to the meeting without any problems.

Restart your computer

If you have followed all the steps but you still cannot hear the audio in your meeting or the audio is unclear during a video conference, then all you need to do is restart your computer. Remember that if you have several programs running at the same time, your computer may become overloaded with tasks and this will prevent applications from working correctly.

Thus, restart your computer and re-enter the Zoom meeting. Try to open only this program and not launch other applications unless absolutely necessary. It should be noted that video conferencing uses several components simultaneously and therefore the computer may slow down if other programs are running at the same time.

As you have seen, there are various reasons why You can't hear audio in Zoom from your phone or computer.. Additionally, it is important to highlight that Internet stability plays a fundamental role during video calls, as a poor connection can degrade the quality of the audio received or transmitted.

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