How to Recover Deleted Messages or Conversations from Instagram Account

Recover Deleted Instagram Messages This is easy to do thanks to the various tools that exist for this.

That is why in the following article you will learn how to recover Instagram messages quickly and easily. using different alternatives.

  1. From Instagram backup
  2. Using External Applications
  3. Activating notification history
  4. Using Android Data Recovery
  5. Asks to send again

From Instagram backup

Instagram allows request sending of all information account (comments, photos, profile data, messages, etc.). To do this, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Login On Instagram.
  2. Click on profile picture.
  3. Click on the button three horizontal stripes.
  4. Going to Settings > Security > Download data.How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages from App Backup, Step 4

Once there you should provide email where you want to get a recovery link and write the password for your Instagram account. Sending information may take up to 48 hours arrive to the specified email address. Likewise, once received, the user will have 4 days to click the link and download the account contents.


You can also request to download Instagram data from the web version by logging into the appropriate profile on Then you have to click on the profile picture and click on "Parameter" and go to the tab "Privacy and Security» in the menu on the left. Then go to the section "Loading data" and press "Request download"

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages from App Backup from PC

After completing these steps, you will need to select the format in which you want to receive the requested information, in addition, you must provide an email. It should be noted that for security purposes this request will also need to be verified. entering password the specified account.

Using External Applications

External applications such as VAMR allow you to recover deleted messages from Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, etc. easily and quickly. It is very easy to use, you just need to install the application from Google Play, provide the necessary permissions and give an opportunity "instagram» in the list of available applications.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages Using WAMR

Thus, every time a message is received but its sender cancels sending, the entry will remain in WAMR and you can read its contents. Now there are certain conditions for using this application:

  • If the message is received and read Before the sender cancels the send, WAMR will not record the information.
  • Information stored in WAMR limited to 100 characters.
  • If your Internet connection is unstable and the message is deleted before the notification is sent to your mobile phone, WAMR will not make a backup deleted information.
  • WAMR does not retrieve messages that were removed before installation applications.

Activating notification history

High-end smartphones have the ability to activate notification history, which allows you to view content received messages, even if they are deleted. This applies to apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., however, to enable this feature you must enter Settings > Notifications > Advanced settings > Notification history..

Once there, activate the corresponding indicator. So, every time you receive a direct message on Instagram and it gets deleted, you can enter the specified route above and find the content you are interested in. It should be noted that text preview using this method limited to a certain number of characters.

Using Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery is a free software that allows you to recover deleted information on Android devices, including direct messages on Instagram. To use it you must follow the following instructions:

  1. Open Android Data Recovery.
  2. Choose "Data recovery"
  3. Connect your mobile phone to your computer via USB.
  4. Choose "Deleted files"

After completing these steps, you must wait for the recovery process to complete. After completing the search for information click on the messages you want to recover and press "Restore" This way they will be stored in the computer's memory.

Asks to send again

If all else fails, this is an alternative that can be used in emergency cases. However, although this is the most traditional method, it is a bit tedious and confusing. request message forwarding deleted it on Instagram. However, you should not rule out the possibility of asking the other person to send the information again.

As you can see, there are various simple alternatives to recover deleted Instagram messages.

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