How to Share Stories on Instagram

Sharing stories on Instagram is very easy as the same platform offers different alternatives for carrying out this activity.

That is why the following text explains how to share your stories on instagram or other profiles, simply and quickly.

  1. From other profiles
  2. Share your stories
  3. Share a new story
  4. How to make mentions so they can share the story

From other profiles

TO share Instagram stories from other profilestwo conditions must be met:

  • be mentioned in history.
  • Account from which the post was made must be public.

If these two conditions are met, share stories from another profile It's very simple. Because the app sends notifications to the specified profiles through private messages. Now, to send the specified content to their story, the user only needs to Click the "Add to History" button. and complete the corresponding process.

How to Share Instagram Stories from Other Accounts
: this is also possible post this to your Facebook story if you want it that way. Additionally, when you share a story, the other person will also receive a notification via direct message.

If the account is private or there was no mention in the history

If the account that posted the story is private, the content will be viewable but not shared. Likewise, if the profile in question is not mentioned in the History, It cannot be shared directly. In both cases the best solution would be take a screenshot and post it from your profile.

Share content from someone else's feed as a story

This is also very easy to do, but it requires that the profile that made the post is public. Otherwise, if the account is private, the system issues a warning indicating that only followers of the specified user will be able to see the history.

With that in mind, to share content from other people's feeds like Stories on Instagram, you need to tap on the icon Messages button. Then select "Add a post to your story", make any necessary changes and click "Send(right arrow button). Finally, tap Share > Done.

How to Share Content from Other Accounts' Feeds as an Instagram Story

Using this method, another person you won't know that your content has been published like history, unless mentioned in it. However, if it is a company profile, the user will be able to find out how many times the post has been shared from the “menu”.Statistics", although I don't know who it was.

Share your stories

If you want to share your own story as feed content, send it to Facebook, or simply as a direct message to another user, You need to open it and click “More”. Subsequently select the required option and complete the appropriate process for it. It is important to note that it can be shared on WhatsApp as a link to a story.

Share a new story

To share a new story only on Instagram you need to click "Your Story" at the top of the application's main page. Then it should select image or video what you want, make the appropriate changes (mentions, stickers, effects, location, etc.) and click "Send" Finally, select where else you want to share or with whom and click "Share"

Note. If the story already has content, it should be Click the "+" button and select "History". at the top of the application to create a new one.

How to make mentions so they can share the story

If you want others to be able to share this story, you must mention the appropriate accounts. To do this you will have to Click the sticker button. while editing an image or Video Story, then select "Mention" and write your desired username. Thanks to this, when you publish content, another person will be able to share it without any problems.

How to Make Mentions So They Can Share Instagram Stories
This can also be done from the button "Text"by clicking "Mentionamong the options at the bottom of the list of font styles. Here, It will be much more stylized and impressive.In addition, you can change the color and font and even add animation.

As you can see, sharing your Instagram stories or the stories of other accounts is very easy if the profile is public or there are relevant mentions.

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