How to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account

If you are looking how to deactivate your Instagram account permanently or temporarily, you should know that this is not possible through the mobile application.

That's why in the next article we will explain the methods you can use to disable any Instagram account want it, quickly and easily.

  1. Temporarily disable
  2. Deactivate permanently
  3. Other Alternatives

Temporarily disable

To deactivate your Instagram account, you need to follow the steps below: from a computer or using a browser from mobile:

  1. Going to And login to account which you want to deactivate.
  2. Click on your profile photo and select "Parameter" in the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll down the page and click "Temporarily deactivate my account"
  4. Please state the reason and enter your account password.

Then you need to click on the “Temporarily disable account" and confirm the decision by clicking "Yes" if necessary. It's worth noting that this can be canceled at any time by logging into your deactivated profile. It is also important to consider that the platform allows this procedure to be carried out once a week.

How to temporarily deactivate an Instagram account

On the other hand, this action disables display of comments, photos, interactions, etc. of the corresponding profile. It also prevents you from finding an Instagram account or sending messages to the specified user.

Deactivate permanently

Before deactivating your Instagram account permanently, It is recommended to make a backup or backup copy all information stored on the platform. This is what can be done by going to Settings > Security > Download Data. and taking the necessary actions.

Now, after performing this procedure, you can deactivate or delete Instagram account permanently following these instructions:

  1. Enter recycling platform Instagram account.Note: If it is needed, login profile discussed. It should be noted that this must be done from a computer or using a mobile browser.
  2. Please indicate the reason for unsubscribing and enter your account password.
  3. Press "Delete account"

How to Permanently Deactivate or Delete an Instagram Account
After following these steps, Instagram will provide a period of 30 days cancel this decision by logging into your account again. Thus, it shows the exact date when the account will cease to exist on the platform. However, while this period of time is completed, everything the information stored in the profile will disappear.

Other Alternatives

Instead of deactivating or deleting your Instagram profile, this can be converted to "Private" to prevent any user from viewing posted content. On the other hand, it is also possible block comments orIn the latter case delete application on phone and thus keep the account active even if there is no activity taking place on it.

As you can see, deleting or deactivating an Instagram account is a fairly simple process that must be completed from the web version of the platform.

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