How to unblock a user who was blocked on Instagram

Instagram offers a feature to block someone who is being annoying. However, it is possible I gave this status to a friend by mistake and I don't know how to unlock it.

For this reason we will teach you how unblock a user who was blocked on Instagram from your mobile phone and computer easily and simply.

  1. From phone
  2. From computer
  3. What happens if you unblock someone

From phone

In the mobile application There are two quick options with which you can unblock a person on Instagram. Which:

Through your account settings

Inside the application, click on the profile photo icon, it is located at the bottom right. Then, enter drop down menu at the top click "Parameter» And then select the option "Confidentiality"

In the "Connections" section, open "Blocked accounts", where users with this condition will appear. To unblock a person you just need to press the “Unlockand finally confirm the action.

Unblock a user on Instagram from your mobile phone

Login to user profile

The second method is more direct: go to the exploration section and search for userby entering your account name. Log in to your profile and click the "Unlock” which appears under his bio.

From computer

Login from the official Instagram website, which can be accessed directly from here. connection. From a computer you can only unblock a user by going to his profile and clicking on the option “Unlock"

Unblock a user on Instagram from your computer

What happens if you unblock someone

When unblocking a user, it is necessary to take into account that interaction with this user will be allowed on a social network. This means that if the account is public, the unblocked person will be able to become a follower and also see all the stories and posts.

You can also send direct messages, mention in comments, posts or in your stories. Likewise, the content you share is unblocked and Likes will be visible again for exchange between both accounts.

These are all the ways you can unblock a user who has been blocked on Instagram.

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