Advantages and Disadvantages of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest network of people looking for a future outside of their circles.. You may still be living in a world away from technology, but now is the time to take the next step in developing a job search platform.

You might think that taking advantage of LinkedIn would be a piece of cake, but it really isn't. So colorful the way they paint it. As a person interested in improvement, it takes a lot of work and perseverance to make our profile perfect. Have you ever thought about the advantages and disadvantages of LinkedIn? Yes, we will describe it to you below.

  1. Benefits of LinkedIn
  2. Disadvantages of LinkedIn

Benefits of LinkedIn

Moreover, these are not the only benefits that LinkedIn has for business, so we suggest you check out the benefits that are also added to this social network for online job search.

Create business opportunities

If you were to meet face to face with a professional and ask him What is LinkedIn for? The answer that will arise as an automatic thought is; This is necessary for finding a job. We usually idealize that LinkedIn is what we need, but it has more to offer us.

Get a job

Easy and simple: On this platform we have jobs that cannot be found so easily anywhere else due to restrictions imposed by employers for security reasons who want to hire us using the LinkedIn portal as a recommendation before giving us the go-ahead.

Improve your online presence

Companies have a bad habit: their fame only extends to social networks that directly attack their consumers (these may be known as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

If we saw it from the point of view of a person who wants to do business in a short time, he would achieve his goal because there are people there who are his consumers.

Expand your list of potential clients

Through it all they never questioned Why is there this idea that the public doesn't visit LinkedIn for business? LinkedIn, despite being a place to connect professional people from different sectors, also allows us to get closer to direct clients, business contacts and suppliers, which gives us greater profits.

Increase your sales

There comes a point when we get stuck and don’t know who to turn to to get out of this bad step. If you look a little closer, This won't happen to you if you consider LinkedIn for your business strategy..

By taking an on-the-fly approach based on previous research, we can find new clients on LinkedIn, perhaps not as quickly, but what we sow will be visible in fruitful results.

Professional contacts

Let's stop for a moment, the word "unreachable" is a bit like we can't touch it, but with LinkedIn it is possible. Have you ever thought about having direct contact with the leader of your future company, long before you even enter it? company? ? Thanks to LinkedIn, we can use some shortcuts to make our position not so difficult when entering a company to work.

Having a high-ranking person in our network brings us great benefit.. We could have an edge over our peers when we need a promotion, and we might even get better clients.

Improve your business brand

Creating a brand for our business will represent us in any circumstance regarding the business we want to run. This applies to both the online world and the physical world. Social networks are the best free place to talk about the benefits we offer to millions of users who trust us.

Improve your reputation

If you want to put yourself out there a lot more, you have an alternative on LinkedIn Pulse, where you can link to your reputation. On this platform, users who have a profile can express their ideals about their way of working.

These ideas can be job opportunities for people who are looking for a job but have not yet decided on the one that suits them.

Final conclusions about the benefits

  • This will allow you to promote your brand to the masses and your reputation will increase.
  • Better appearance in Google search results.
  • You will tell the world the level of trust you place in the industry.
  • Your business products will be available to many more people.
  • When your employees work for a company with a higher reputation, they will be more proud to be a part of it.

Disadvantages of LinkedIn

This social network also has disadvantages and we don't want to wash our hands of it, so we will tell you what is happening in this regard.

For those who make no effort

Indeed, the social network we are talking about has a positive rating from people who want to go far, but the reality is that it also has a negative rating. Why is this happening? As you might guess, LinkedIn is not created for those who want quick results.

This is not for the following people:

  • For those who don't want to improve their online presence.
  • Translate this to the social level, when there are other alternatives on social networks.
  • Reluctance to open up to a new world of professional contacts.
  • Just using LinkedIn to search for jobs.
  • Inability to adapt to constant change.
  • Reluctance to improve your professional profile has become a habit.

Constant updates

Sometimes LinkedIn makes changes that could result in misunderstanding of the platform. It's not a bad thing that a social network decides to modernize in the face of such a globalized network, but if it does so constantly (much more than direct competition), it creates difficulties for us when trying to understand it.

It's good that it wants to update itself, the downside is that it does it more times compared to other social networks and doesn't reach all profiles at the same time.

Company profile is not enough

Having a company profile on the LinkedIn platform is useful. but not enough. Just having it won't do much, you need the image you project to be backed up by the profiles of the employees who work for you. Let you see how hard you work to improve good relationships both internally and externally.

Untrusted users

As happens on other active social networks, being online with a real profile makes us vulnerable to harassment from people who do something bad. LinkedIn also has characters that hide in fake user accounts.

There is spam

We don't even want to see it in painting, but SPAM exists everywhere we go. This is an issue that people are not interested in, but we understand it. LinkedIn also has this message among its posts, but pinning it results in a significant reduction in your professional profile. A topic that turns out to be sensitive.

After reading about the pros and cons of LinkedIn, do you feel more prepared for your professional future?

Final conclusions about the shortcomings

The people who achieve their goals on LinkedIn are those who put in the effort and don't look back once they start. The rest was just the fruit of a seed born of hard work to strengthen his personal image.

For those who think that creating a LinkedIn account is enough, it is NOT. As a result, we will be left with only one account with an inactive profile on the social network, giving no reason for it to be productive at work, it will be pure decoration.

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