Rappi Customer Service Number: Contact Rappi Customer Service.

Rappi, home delivery company has developed favorably in recent years. However, there may be shortcomings when delivering certain products to your home, and sometimes the app crashes.

Eat rappy phone which users can use. This is a customer service number that uses outdated technology and is very helpful when you need the human touch. Find out more below.

  1. Customer service phone number
  2. Other Alternatives

Customer service phone number

If you're not into technology, Rappi has a phone line that number 316 35 35, which works in any country. It is ideal for those days when you do not have an Internet connection and a call is the only thing that can allow you to take advantage of the benefits that this system provides.
Rappi Call Center Customer Service Number

I liked the application, through this number You can order shopping services with home delivery.. It also works as a helpline as it allows you to ask questions or complaints about any aspect of the service.

Other Alternatives

Today, many people do not use phone calls because they are used to using messaging systems or Internet communication. Therefore, other alternatives to contacting the company are:

Thus, Rappi telephone service This is a very effective alternative app. It is ideal for those who are not comfortable with technology tools. Just call 316-35-35 as usual and that’s it.

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