Tik Tok is a social network launched in September 2016 by the Chinese developer ByteDance.. Essentially, TikTok (known as Douyin in China) functions as a platform that allows users create and edit videos up to 1 minute long and share them through your profile, similar to what happens on other social networks.

The main feature of TikTok is that it is focused on music videos, so it has video editing tools and filters that users can use to create original content.

Tik Tok is application created for Android and iOS mobile devicesallowing the front and side cameras of the equipment to be used to capture video and upload it directly to the platform.

As a social phenomenon, TikTok has grown into a social network with a huge reach that has significantly gained popularity around the world, reaching over 500 million users by 2018.

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What is this for?


Being a social network focused on allowing users to share multimedia content through it, TikTok is used to create, edit and share videos of any type.paying special attention musical and funny nature videos.

Likewise, being a platform that allows users from all over the world to interact, it works as a tool for meeting people, communicating and advertising any type of contentso it can be versatile and useful for an infinite number of things.

Despite all the above, the usage trend and tools added to the app make it source of entertainment for userssince it makes it especially easy to create memes from video and audio snippets that can be obtained on one platform.

How it works

TikTok works similarly to many other social networks today, such as Facebook or Instagram, so when you log in, it offers a Home or Home screen where you can see the latest posts from contacts the user is following. as well as those viral videos that have become a trend. To navigate between all these posts, simply do scrolling (move) the screen vertically in the same way as in other applications of this type.

TIK Tak offers search tab, which allows you to research and get accounts of specific users, specific videos, or "hashtags" that have trended. Likewise, use typical commenting, reacting and sharing functionswhich enables interaction and dynamism between users and the videos that are published online.

When it comes to content creation, TikTok works as a fairly complete video editor. and is intuitive to use, has all kinds of filters and special effects that allow you to modify recorded videos before publishing them online.


Below are the most important features of TikTok:


  • It allows you to create short videos up to 1 minute long, adding musical elements, filters and special effects.
  • It is a social network that allows you to create personal and professional profiles, so the user can add a personal message to their profile, add personal information and select a profile photo.
  • It is equipped with an artificial intelligence system that analyzes the personal interests of each user and hence shows him content that matches his interests.
  • It offers interaction tools that make it possible to comment on videos created by other users, react to said content, and share it.
  • It has a security configuration panel where the user can block or restrict access to content provided through their account.
  • It has an integrated platform for communicating with other users.
  • The way you manage your network of contacts works similarly to Twitter or Instagram, that is, through “Followers” ​​and “Followers.”
  • It can be used for entertainment as well as commercial and advertising purposes.
  • TikTok allows you to create polls and public voting that followers can participate in.
  • To create a TikTok account, you can use your Facebook account, mobile number, email, Line, Twitter, Instagram, KakaoTalk or VK.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any social network, TikTok has achieved global success thanks to all the benefits it offers its users. However, it would be fair to look at its shortcomings and draw a contrast. Below we will explain in detail what it is:



  • This is a free social networkso anyone can have an account and access all its features by simply downloading the app and creating a profile, without having to pay.
  • It has number of users exceeding 500 million (2018 data), making it an ideal platform for interacting with others or launching advertising campaigns.
  • It has Intuitive, easy to use and extremely versatile video editor..
  • It has support in more than 150 countriestherefore it is accessible to almost everyone.
  • Being one of the most popular platforms at the moment, it is constantly being improved, providing greater security to users as well as new functionality.
  • It has intuitive and user-friendly interface which can be used by all types of users.
  • This social network without advertisingwhich can bother and irritate many users.
  • This is backed up a large amount of music content, filters and other audiovisual elements which can be used by users to create their own videos.


  • This is a social network focused exclusively on videotherefore, it is not possible to share any other type of content other than this type.
  • The young audience predominates, so it may not be the right platform for all audiences..
  • Can't share long videosas it is limited to a maximum period of 1 minute.
  • Because it does not include any payment optionadvertising only depends on external media to do its job organically.
  • If the necessary security measures are not taken, users may end up being cyberstalked or bullied by attackers.


Tik Tok was launched in September 2016 under the name Douyin, an app developed by ByteDance and initially aimed at the Chinese audience. A year after its launch, the platform already had 100 million active users, so its owners decided to make the leap to the international market. So, Douyin was renamed TikTok in September 2017..

In November 2017, ByteDance acquired American social network music.ly and merged it with TikTok, significantly increasing the platform's user base and increasing TikTok's popularity outside Asia. A few months later, at the end of January 2018, TikTok became the most downloaded free app in countries like China, Thailand and other Asian countries.

Currently TikTok This is one of the best social networks in the world., supporting over 75 languages ​​and available in over 150 countries for Android and iOS. It also has one of the steepest growth curves in the history of social media, so it is expected that it will soon have a user community as large as Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook.

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