How to be famous on TikTok: tips, tricks and applications

To be famous on TikTok you need to create a viral video and be an active user on the social network. Likewise, you must make a video with excellent quality that quickly becomes a trend , such as a dance, a performance that can be done as a duo, drastic makeup or any original idea that captivates the public. Once you have created your account, you just have to start and be frequent so that your videos are among the first places.

Compared to other social networks, TikTok is characterized by positioning videos more quickly and it is easier to go viral without having to pay for advertising. This is because the community consumes and makes videos daily , in addition to reproducing or making their version of the challenges that are trending at the moment. Therefore, you gain more publicity and reach, which allows you to stay active, be more creative and design new ideas.

  1. What is a TikToker
  2. How to be an influencer
  3. Tips to be a good TikToker
  4. Useful applications
  5. How to make money on TikTok

What is a TikToker

A TikToker is known as a person who makes TikToks very frequently and has a large community within the social network. It is that user who is dedicated to creating content for the platform and uploads videos every week in order to increase followers, increase the views of their videos and continue creating trends.

How to be an influencer

To be an influencer requires perseverance, discipline and creativity . Many users repeat videos that other people have made, but your content will go viral depending on how you insert your stamp and make your video stand out from the rest. Therefore, in the following sections we will leave some recommendations to start being famous on TikTok .

Have good recording tools

Have good recording tools to be famous on TikTok
The videos on TikTok are characterized by having quality and fluidity. Therefore, it is necessary that you acquire tools that allow you to record clearly in order to guarantee a good presentation on the platform . Have a phone with a good camera available, purchase a ring light to provide more lighting, record in a place where there is not much noise and take care of the details of your clothing.

Share the videos on other social networks

TikTok videos can be uploaded to Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook stories . In this way, they will achieve greater reach and will be seen by people who manage other social networks. In fact, if they have a TikTok account, they will be able to follow you so as not to lose sight of the content you are creating on the social network. Remember that anyone who enters the web portal can see the video and that will count as one more view.

Create entertaining content

Create entertaining content to become famous on TikTok
You can define which categories you want to make the videos towards , be it comedy, educational, instructional, curiosities, dance, among others. The important thing is that it is visually attractive and that it retains the audience, so that they watch the video until the end. Therefore, make an action plan according to your skills so that you stand out in making the videos.

Participate in the most viral trends

Participate in the most viral trends to be famous on TikTok
If a person has made a song, dance, or performance viral, you can perform your version in a TikTok video . All you have to do is use the same sound, learn the choreography or line, and use the timer to start recording naturally. Remember to use the corresponding hashtags (tags) to identify the video, as this way it will appear among the search results.

Don't limit yourself

Just because you've chosen a video category doesn't mean you should always make videos of that type. For example, you don't always have to make dance videos, even if your content is aimed at that area. You can make various videos to demonstrate other qualities , be it acting, reaction, makeup, fashion.

On the other hand, don't be shy . TikTok is a social network to have fun and entertain yourself by doing actions that you like to do. If you feel uncomfortable with a video, it will show and it won't get the views you expect.

Listen and interact with your audience

Listen and interact with your audience to become famous on TikTok
It is necessary that you detail, observe and evaluate the reactions or comments of your audience . Remember that they are the ones who will make the videos viral, so it is important that you listen and pay attention to what they say, although it is also necessary to apply certain filters, since not all users comment on an aspect that contributes or is positive. Likewise, interact with them as great friends, since sympathy will make you closer to them, which will promote integration.

Follow and unfollow

Follow and unfollow users to be famous on TikTokThis is a method to gain followers quickly . You just have to follow more than 20 profiles in a minute and choose 5 users to unfollow. Many of them will also follow you and additionally, you will be at the top of the list of followers . Therefore, other members who view the list will be able to directly observe your profile. However, if you do this repeatedly, TikTok may block your account.

Create an attractive profile

Create an attractive profile to be famous on TikTok
The TikTok profile is a showcase
 for the content that will be observed. Therefore, it must have a good presentation to generate a pleasant impression . Therefore, select a clear and quality profile photo, write a description according to the videos you make and use a username that is easy to memorize.

Use hashtags

Use hashtags to be famous on TikTok
Hashtags are tags that work to classify videos . Therefore, you should use those that are related to the content of your video. For example, if you made a dessert TikTok, use hashtags like #tutorial, #desserts, #cooking, etc. However, do not abuse them, since they will not allow you to properly categorize the video.

Use effects and filters

Filters and effects on TikTok are tools to improve the look of the video. They even work to optimize quality and offer more creativity in the development of the recording. Therefore, choose the ones that best suit you according to the type of content you want to create.

Study the publication hours

The hours of publication of TikTok videos is extremely important because according to the schedule, the video will have more or less impact on the audience. Study what time people use TikTok the most and start publishing your content from those hours. Generally, people use the platform more between 4:00pm and 10:00pm, but this varies depending on your country of origin.

Challenge other users

Challenge other users to be famous on TikTok
If you have made a challenge, it is recommended that the chain continue with other users. Therefore, tag other people to make a replica of your video . With this, both other people's followers and yours will observe the TikToks and have greater views, which in turn can generate more followers.

Use trendy music

You can make new videos by adding music that is trending . This way, people will stay attentive listening to the video and seeing the content you have created. This advice is applicable when you make tutorial videos , as people will be attentive and entertained at the same time.

Don't force the action

Don't force performances to be famous on TikTok
The more natural you are in front of the camera, the better you will look. Discomfort and apathy are reflected and users perceive it . If you don't feel like recording or doing any trend, it's better not to do it. It is recommended that you make videos with what you feel comfortable with and take more confidence or security when making them.

Perform challenges

Challenges are challenges that other users have proposed for the community. Many of them are about dancing, makeup, singing, physical exercises, transitions, etc. If you have the skills to reproduce some of the proposals, make the video and upload it to TikTok so that other users can comment on your version. Likewise, they can share it on other social networks to popularize the video.

make duets

Make duets to be famous on TikTok
Duets are videos with screen divisions
 that you make with the help of other users. These types of recordings are frequently used for singing or acting . The best thing is that it helps you gain followers and you will have more views, since you will also use someone else's video.

Make giveaways

Giveaways are strategies that allow you to gain both new followers and likes on your posts. You have the option to raffle items, gifts or services that users can win alone or for two people. This is a method that you can use when you have a large number of followers and partner with other accounts to boost the video.

Use zoom

Zooming is a technique that adds dramatic or comedic touches to videos . It is frequently used by many influencers to keep the viewer entertained. Simply hold down the record button and raise or lower your thumb to bring the camera closer to your face .

Be constant

This is a notable aspect among TikTokers and is that they upload content almost daily to keep their audience active . However, it is also not necessary to upload more than 10 videos a day. Uploading 2 or 3 videos every day is enough , if they maintain quality and are attractive. Therefore, in order not to lose followers and increase likes, it is best to be constant with the creation of videos.

Tips to be a good TikToker

Being a TikToker requires time and several aspects to take into account. Therefore, in this list the most notable tips will be left :

  • Practice before recording : this way you will perfect your movements or diction.
  • Invite other friends : TikTok is a social network to have fun making videos, therefore, you can invite several friends to do dances, reactions, performances, etc.
  • Be natural : you don't have to force sympathy. If you show the community what you like to do and are good at it, you will have great acceptance.
  • Empathize : Also think like a TikTok user and ask questions about how you would like to see content. You will see that you will have a list of options that may be feasible for new ideas.
  • Be patient and persistent : you will not achieve fame quickly because everything has its work. However, if you are patient and put in quality work every day, you will see the rewards of your effort.

Useful applications

You can also turn to mobile applications that help you gain followers on TikTok . The following list will show some of the best.


Thisapp is characterized by playing to gain followers or smart hashtags that will position you among the search results. If you win the game, you will see the best combination of tags and get likes on your most recent videos. In fact, TikBooster will perform an analysis of the account and will tell you the actions to take to gain more fans.


To useTikLikes is necessary to earn stars to promote your profile among users in the community. You can also pay for them or follow users to be your followers. Likewise, you can discover new profiles, get likes and new comments.


This app will help you promote your profile and publications with the Tik Tokers community, interact with real users, earn likes and comments for the videos with the most views. If you want to download TikFamous, press thislink .


This app works for profile analysis in order to propose users who are of interest to you. This way, you can follow him and get one more follower. Likewise, GetBoostTok will help you increase the views of your videos , use hashtags and grow your popularity on the platform. use thislink to download the application.


If you use TikFans, you will be able to improve your social profile, evaluate the performance of your videos on TikTok , have a count of likes, gain more exposure and observe the growth or decline of fans. If you want to try the app on Android, click thislink .


Tiki consists of earning coins by watching videos from other users, in order to exchange them for likes, comments, followers or views on your account. It's really simple and you don't need to log in to your account to use the app. Just by typing your username, you will get an analysis of your profile and the actions you should take to increase its visibility.


To use Tappy, you must break eggs within the app to gain followers or promote your account to the community. Likewise, you have the option to see a list of recommended followers and you can earn likes, views and comments. If you are interested in this application, use thislink to download Tappy on your phone.


TikPlus proposes smart tags that are constantly updated to provide a better service. Through this app, you can improve your profile as it will offer advice and followers to popularize the account. To try TikPlus on your Android phone, download the app through thislink .

How to make money on TikTok

How to make money on TikTok
TikTok pays its top content creators. Therefore, if you manage to become famous on TikTok, you can have a salary depending on the number of followers and your impact on the platform . To do this, you must apply all the tips that have been recommended and add a PayPal account or another account that is validated by TikTok. Keep in mind that you can monetize on TikTok after 1,500 followers .

In conclusion, to be famous on TikTok you need patience and perseverance because as you have observed, you will have to do different actions that will get you into the platform in a good way.

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