How to create an account or sign up for Netflix

The way we watch TV has changed a lot in recent years or the last decade. Because people prefer to choose streaming platforms to be able to enjoy the best content, which is not always free.

TV series, films, programs and documentaries Now we can see them even on the screen of our smartphone. As long as we have access to the Internet, because these days, activities require the Internet. Another important characteristic of streaming services is that They don't have any advertisingbecause you are following a model subscription.

Netflix was one of the great promoters of the streaming service, today it is the most popular. It contains thousands and thousands of content that you can watch from your smartphone, tablet, computer, console or Smart TV.

  1. Create a Netflix Account on PC
  2. How to Create a Netflix Account on Android or iOS

Create a Netflix Account on PC

Creating an account is extremely easy when done from a computer. To do this, you only need your email address, phone number and your credit or debit card details.

  1. Login to the official page In this section enter your email address and press "Start off".
  2. To continue with the steps, after each section you must click "next".
  3. Enter yours again Email And add password. Remember that it should be safe and easy for you.
  4. Now choose a plan you want the most convenient one among the options offered by Netflix, then click "Next".
  5. After this you should confirm your payment method. According to the options that exist available in your countrychoose the one you like best.
  6. Finally, Fill in your payment method information. For a credit card, ensure that the information is correct and complete click "Start Membership". You have the opportunity to change the plan before completing the last step.
    Enjoy Netflix!

How to Create a Netflix Account on Android or iOS

Process for create an account on Netflix On a mobile device, you can follow the same guidelines as on a desktop. This will only be using a mobile browser. As you know, there is an official application through which you can create a Netflix account.

This procedure applies to both Android and iOS devices. There is nothing to be afraid of, up to this point everything is quite simple.

  1. Download the official app: The first thing you need to do is download the official application. For Android devices it will be from Google games and for iOS devices from app store.

  2. Once in the application, click "Start now".
  3. Then you'll have to Set up your accountpress "Continue" to begin this process. Enter your email address and add passwordthen click "Continue".
  4. Then you should select planTo view options, select "View plans".
  5. Choose one of them, Basic, Standard or Premium. They range from about $8 to $15. Once you have decided on one, scroll down the screen and tap "Continue".
  6. Now Select a Payment Method. The options you'll see below are available in your country. Choose the one you prefer.
  7. To finish you need Fill the form According to the chosen payment method, if it is a credit card, you must provide the following information:
    • First and last name of the titled person.
    • Card number.
    • Card expiry date.
    • CVV security code.
  8. Finally click "Start Membership". You get it, enjoy it!

I should note that after this process the only thing you need to do is click on the button Login and thus one can access the best TV series, movies, documentaries, TV shows, anime and a lot of fresh and constant content.

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