Spotify Family: Premium Plans to Save Money

Spotify family plans This is a great way to save money and listen to your favorite music online. We explain how to choose one, what benefits it provides, and how to sign up for your Spotify account to add family mode and share the account with your family.

Spotify family mode This is part of the Spotify Premium account package for which you will have to pay a monthly fee. In Spain, the price is €9.99 per month, although there are shared plans and subscriptions that can save you money.

  1. How Spotify Family Plan Works
  2. Other Alternatives to Spotify Premium
  3. Managing Family Accounts on Spotify

How Spotify Family Plan Works

If we choose Spotify Family Plan We can use up to 6 Spotify Premium accounts for just €15.99 per month. If you divide the costs between family members, the monthly costs will be 2.67 euros per person.

The main features of the Family Plan include:

  • Listen to music without ads and download content for offline listening.
  • Creating playlists to suit the tastes of each participant.
  • Blocking music with explicit themes.

Confirm the same address in the family plan

During registration Spotify Family Accounts, it is important that everyone enters the same address. Otherwise, this may be considered a violation of the terms of service. It doesn't matter if we connect to the account from a different IP, but it does matter that all group members have the same physical address.

Take advantage of Spotify Duo offers

Other Alternatives to Spotify Premium

If you don't have enough members to justify a family plan, there is an option to use Spotify Duo. This package offers song downloads and ad-free playback, but only offers 2 Premium accounts at a time. The cost is 12.99 euros per month.

For save money with Spotify Premium and plans offered by the service, you can register as a student. If you verify your student status using SheerID, you can receive up to 50% discount for 12 consecutive months. The price in this case is 4.99 euros.

Managing Family Accounts on Spotify

He Spotify Family Plan Administrator He is the only one who can manage payments, canceling amounts only in agreement with other users. You must also invite other members to join the plan. The administrator is the only one who can delete them and determine the home address. With this in mind, the only thing left to do is choose how to save your Spotify Premium accounts.

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