Bad omen in Minecraft: what it is, what it is for and how to remove its effect

A bad omen in Minecraft is a curse or status effect that has a standard duration in Game.

In this article, we will teach you all about the omen in minecraft. What is it, how to get rid of it and much more.

  1. What is it and how to get it
  2. What is this for or what does this effect do?
  3. How to remove the effect

What is it and how to get it

What is a bad omen in Minecraft?
Bad Omen (or "Bad Omen" in English) This is an effect that falls on players Minecraft as a consequence for the murder of a robber captain. The captain can be distinguished from other raiders or robbers because He is the one who carries the banner on his back with your clan's signature design. They form naturally, like villagers, and are found at "marauder posts", patrols, or during raids in villages.

When a group of players attacks the raider captain, Only the one who dealt the final blow receives a bad omen., regardless of whether he did it directly with his weapon or with the help of a tamed wolf. Upon death, the raider captain drops the banner as an item and a warning animation appears on the affected player's screen. In addition, it is important to know that a bad omen Total up to level 6. (SAW).

Note: in Bedrock version In Minecraft, Bad Omen does not stack across levels or time. However, every time the Marauder Captain is destroyed The 100 minute counter is reset to zero.

What is this for or what does this effect do?

Why is this needed or what does a bad omen do in Minecraft?
A bad omen triggers the Assault event.
in any village that the affected player reaches, this means that aggressive raiders will appear and players will have to fight them. Besides, The higher the effect level, the better armed they will be. enemies, making them more difficult to defeat in each encounter.

The main drawback is the duration of 100 minutes., that is, 1 hour 40 minutes, since constant attacks by looters would interfere with the normal conduct of other events. There are effect indicator bubbles constantly floating around the player, which can be visually annoying. The advantage is that you can get a lot of experience and other rewards. defeating the raiders during the assault.

How to remove the effect

How to remove a bad omen in Minecraft
They are different methods for eliminating bad omens and continue enjoying exciting adventures in Minecraft. Various alternatives are listed below:

  • Die- When a user dies in Minecraft, all effects removed that it has both positive and negative. Therefore, a bad omen could be eliminated by dying. but you lose a percentage of experienceso this is not the best method.
  • drink milk: Milk is another option to clear negative conditions such as Bad Omen. To get milk, just you will need to use a bucket on the cow to milk it and then drink it to remove the effects.
  • Using the destination portal: Another way to avoid the consequences of a bad omen is to enter and exit the END. Using an exit portal will remove all effects the character has.
  • Let the term end: A slightly later option is to wait for the duration of the action to expire and not go to the village or city during the active period. Waiting time 1 hour 40 minutes.

In addition, it is important to know that When you go to the village, the visual effect disappears.. Nevertheless, This triggers the Attack event.. Once this event has started, the player must fight the Marauders as the effect will appear again if you run away.

A bad omen is a debuff in Minecraft. long duration, which can have both advantages and disadvantages as it can be a great opportunity to experience adventure and gain experience. If the player chooses to avoid being attacked, The best alternative to eliminate this effect is to drink a bucket of milk..

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