Conductivity in Minecraft: what is it, what is it for and how is it used

Inside the game Conductivity is a spell or enchantment used in Minecraft. to defend or attack the player. Its effect associated with famous weapons How "Trident" It is used to overcome obstacles encountered in platform worlds. With these tools one can perform another series of spells such as piercing, fidelity spell, curse of separation and others.

Minecraft is one of the favorite games among many online website users because it has the ability to create worlds and encounter fantastic realities for example, fighting dragons, zombies, vikings, etc. Like every game, it has a number of tools to defend and counterattack. So if you are new to the game, in this article you will see What is conductivity in Minecraft, what is it for, and how is it used?.

  1. Function
  2. How to use


As mentioned above, conductivity in Minecraft (also called "Channeling") This is a water movement charm. which allows you to protect yourself from any attack by sea creatures. Can only be used if you have a Trident. and this can be achieved by defeating the drowned.

This is an affordable option from Minecraft version 1.13 and from this version, conductivity is incompatible with water movement. Both spells cannot be used at the same time, so you will have to choose between one spell or the other to defeat opponents that stand in your way.

How to use

If you have a Trident in Minecraft, use it you can strike an enemy with lightning straight or regulate storms. However, there is one more thing set of related spells this tool, with which you will greatly benefit from defending your world from aquatic creatures at long distances or in hand-to-hand combat.

What is conductivity used for in Minecraft?

Loyalty or Devotion Spell

He Charm of fidelity (also called "Loyalty") consists of turn a trident into a boomerang, that is, after being thrown, the trident will immediately return to its owner. This way, you won't let another player grab your weapon and leave you defenseless. The higher your level, the higher the enchantment level. However, it is worth mentioning that use of Loyalty cannot be combined with water traffic.

pierce spell

It is also known as "Piercing". This spell gives increase pain caused to sea creatures. It has 5 levels and can be combined with other spells or enchantment. Likewise, this spell also allows these creatures to be pierced when attacked directly.

Curse of Separation

curse of separation This is the spell that destroys the trident if the player dies. This way, no other player will be able to use this tool and will not be able to benefit from the spells available with this weapon. It is also known as "Curse of Extinction” and this is a spell that must be cast before entering battle.

Curse of Separation in Minecraft

Water draft

Water draft It can only be used when the player is in the water. or if it rains at a certain time, otherwise this spell cannot be cast. Its function Ram your enemies using the player and the gun as a bullet.. It should be noted that you will also take damage when performing this action, so caution is advised. On the other hand, water movement is incompatible with conductivity.

Water traction in Minecraft


You may also see it called "Unbreakable" This is not a Minecraft exclusive Trident spell, but if you have it, will allow increase weapon durability. You can use it anytime as it has 3 different levels and will only enhance its functions.


Known as "Repair" or "Fixation", is also not a Trident spell, but works for restore the strength that the weapon has lost. In other words, you will be able to repair it so you don't lose it quickly. However, as part of the deal, you must offer experience. Otherwise, you will wear out the tool even more.

In this article, you looked at what conductivity is in Minecraft, what it is for, and how it can be used. In addition, several enchantments are described in detail that will contribute to the development of the game. If you are a new user, this guide will help you get to know each other quickly the most important spells in Minecraft to have the best experience with this.

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