Host on Twitch: what is it, what is it for and how to do it

How to host Twitch from the mobile app, step 2
How to host Twitch from a mobile app, step 3

Twitch is a very comprehensive streaming platform. This contains a large number of functionswhich includes Host, a great tool For collaboration between content creators.

In this text we will explain how to host Twitch step by step and in a simple way. Likewise, it is important to know what a host is for and what the term means.

  1. What is a Twitch Host?
  2. Why do you need hosting?
  3. Procedure to be followed
  4. FAQ

What is a Twitch Host?

Host is a feature of Twitch that It is available to any streamer on the platform, regardless of how many subscribers they have or whether they are affiliated or affiliated. This configuration allows you to organize the transmission of another channel.

When the channel is hosted, Your viewers will be able to watch the broadcast of the hosted channel.who will control it. Except, A banner will appear notifying everyone spectators of what is happening.

Why do you need hosting?

Host is a function with different utilities, but the main one is Collaborate with other streamers and get various benefits similar to those listed below:

  • Give visibility to small channels“This is a great way to help new streamers and support the growth of the Twitch community.”
  • Make transmissions more dynamic: Hosting another channel will allow you to provide much more varied content that may also be of interest to viewers.
  • Increase your visibility: The channel will appear in the "accommodation”, which can serve to attract new viewers.
  • Get collaboration from other channels: Engaging in this type of collaboration opens up the opportunity to return the favor, helping to increase channel traffic.
  • Improve channel reputation- Inviting other streamers can be good for the channel's reputation, as the Twitch community often appreciates such actions to help smaller streamers.
  • Broadcast content more often- Posting content from other channels with similar interests is a good way to increase engagement.
  • Share with viewers: This functionality allows you to share content and comment on it along with other channel users.

Procedure to be followed

The process that needs to be carried out in order to host other streamers It's very simple, but it's It depends on the equipment you want to use.. Below are the instructions to follow in each case.

Host from mobile

Use the Twitch mobile one of the simplest and most practical ways to organize a transmission from another channel, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Login to streaming the person you want to accept.
  2. Click the Share iconit is located at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on the option that says "Host on the channel"

To shut down the hostjust follow the same procedure and click on the option "Stop hosting a channel name" Below are the redirection buttons to download the application:

Host from computer

Method for run a channel from your computer This is done via chat, the steps to be followed are shown below:

  1. Access to channel chat (this could be yours or a streamer's).
  2. Write the command "/master" And then the channel name.

From now on, subscribers will be able to see the content transmitted by the hosted channel. To shut down the hostyou only need to write the command "/delete host» in chat and press Enter.

Make an automatic host

Make automatic hosting on Twitch
Make automatic hosting on Twitch

This option allows host automatically transfers previously selected channels:

  1. Enter channel settings following this connection.
  2. Click on the function switch "Automatic channel hosting"
  3. In the end, select storage preferencestwo options are available:
  • Host Team Channels: Used to give priority to broadcasts from channels owned by a team that is on the hosting list.
  • Post pre-recorded videos: A function that will be used to host pre-recorded video broadcasts.
  1. Enter channels for automatic host in the section "Placement list"

Note: this procedure can only be done from PCeither by logging into the web version or the desktop application.

Make a host from a shortcut

Maybe enable menu for channel placement in Stream Manager (access this via the creator's dashboard). To do this, click "+" in the "Shortcuts" section located on the right side of the screen, look for channel placement options And press "Add"

After creating the shortcut, you must enter "Transfer Manager" and press "Host for the channel" A window will open with a text field and a list of monitored channels. find the channel you want to post and select "Accommodation" An Unhost button will appear in the channel chat.


There are certain questions that constantly arise in the Twitch community regarding hosting function on the platform. Below is a short list of these questions and their corresponding answers:

  • On which channel are viewership statistics recognized?

In Host mode, viewers count towards the hosted channel.

  • Which channel receives advertising revenue?

The hosted channel does not receive any advertising revenue during the host broadcasts.

  • Will ads for the hosted channel be shown?

Yes, this content will also be broadcast. Even if advertising is disabled for the channel acting as a server. The hosted channel will receive regular income.

  • Which channel controls the chat during the host?

The chat is moderated by the channel host.

That's all the basics this should be known post on Twitchfrom your computer or mobile device using the free app.

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