How to make a teleport in Minecraft: Tp command

Maybe sometimes need to go to a specific location on the Minecraft map or meet another user in the game teleporting.

In this article we will explain how to make a teleport in minecraft quickly and easily with this detailed guide.

  1. Tp Command Guide
  2. How to allow cheats in Minecraft
  3. How to view coordinates
  4. How to open a text console
  5. How to use the TP command
  6. Other TP commands

Tp Command Guide

To use teleport commands in Minecraft, you need to make some settings when creating the game. Except, It is recommended to keep a blog to save coordinates. and various Tp commands. Below are the instructions for performing this trick:

  1. Login to Minecraft and create a new world. You must activate the option that says "Allow cheats" to enable the use of commands.How to Teleport in Minecraft: Tp Command Guide, Step 1
  2. Save location coordinates to which you will later want to make a Tp. To view, click "Alt + Fn + F3"
  3. Open your game console by pressing the button "T» on your computer keyboard, the chat icon is different on mobile phones and consoles.How to Teleport in Minecraft: Tp Command Tutorial, Step 3
  4. Enter the command Тп which matches or is currently required and press Enter to execute.

If the process was carried out correctly, a confirmation message will appear and you will be teleported character or entity to the specified place.

How to allow cheats in Minecraft

It is necessary to have cheats enabled in order to be able to use all commands available in Minecraft, including teleportation. This is done from the main menu games, just by customizing and creating a new world.

  • In the Java version you should check "Commands: Yes"
  • In the Bedrock version you need to activate "Traps"

It is important to know that when playing on a multiplayer server Commands can only be used by administrators.. Moreover, only owners can transfer rights to another playerTo do this you need to use the command "/op + nickname" Otherwise, if you want to remove permissions, use "/deop + nickname"

How to view coordinates

How to make a teleporter in Minecraft see coordinates
For see character location In the world of Minecraft, the ability to use depends on the device and game version:

  • Java or Bedrock Edition for PC: you can use keyboard shortcuts "Fn+F3", "Alt + Fn + F3"or one"F3"
  • Pocket edition and consoles: This option must be activated in the game settings when creating a world. On the menu "world options"to give an opportunity"Show coordinates"

These are the methods used for open information panel where the coordinates are located on the PC and the section is like this: “X I Z" On mobile phones, information will be easier to find because it will be available the entire time it is on.

How to open a text console

Commands must be entered in the console or game chat, but way to open this window may vary according to Minecraft version what is being played out:

  • Java and Education Edition on PC: To use the chat from your computer, you just need to press the “T"
  • Consoles- In this version of the game you must use right side of D-Pad on PS and Xbox. On Nintendo Switch "button" is usedRight arrow"from the team.
  • Pocket edition- Tap the chat icon at the top of the screen and a corresponding window will open.

How to use the TP command

Team Tp can be written in different ways and Each of them has a specific function for example, transporting the user to a partner's location or vice versa. Here are some commands for teleportation.

Teleport a player or object to a location

How to teleport a player or object to a location in Minecraft using the Tp command
During the game, some companions may die and respawn very far from the others, get lost in exploration, or simply want to send something to a specific location. To do this you will need to use the /tp command as follows:

  • Relative location: tedious"/tp + player or object name + ~XX ~XX ~XX" The symbol "must be used~" so that it refers to a position rather than these exact coordinates. "XX" must be replaced with numbers.
  • Exact location: using the command "/tp + player or object name + coordinates"

This team It also serves to transport the same user to a specific or relative position. You'll just have to change the "section" in any of the commands.Player nameby his own nickname.

Teleport to player position

If another player is very far away and someone else wants to go to the same place to help you or quickly visit you, there is a special Tp command for this case. This is one of teleport to another player's position and it is written like this: “/tp + own nickname + other player's name" It is important that names are spelled correctly and are identical to how they appear in the game.

Other TP commands

In addition to the methods listed above, there are other commands to perform teleportation in the world of Minecraft, namely:

  • Transport the player closest to you: "/tp + @p + @s".
  • Transport companies to you: "/tp + @e + player name."
  • Transport players to your position: "/tp @a + @s".
  • Transportation of specific objects: "/tp + @e [tipo = nombre de la entidad] + @playername."
  • Teleport to the Void at the same coordinates.: "run in Minecraft: the_nether launch teleport ~ ~ ~". Only for Java version.
  • Teleport up: "/tp + @s + ~ ~ 100 ~".
  • Teleport down: "/tp + @s + ~ ~ -100 ~".

Easy way to understand how the tp command works It should be taken into account that when reading it, it can be interpreted as "teleport + object/player/entity + location"

That's all it takes teleport in Minecraft using the Tp command, and in any version of the game. It can be difficult to remember all possible commands and coordinates, so It is advisable to have a notepad or blog handy. to write it all down.

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