How to make all potions in Minecraft (alchemy)

One of the keys to success in each of your endeavors in the Minecraft universe is the ability to use all potions that can be prepared in the game. To do this, you need to practice alchemy and collect different types of materials. However, the game itself has a recipe book for all the potions you can make.

For this reason, you need to know what ingredients are needed to make all the potions in Minecraft, and that's exactly what you're about to see. With this opportunity you will be able to learn from How to Get the Most Out of Alchemy in Minecraft and how to make the best potions the game has to offer and thus improve your gaming experience in survival mode.

  1. How to make potions in Minecraft
  2. basic potions
  3. Strengthening potions
  4. Side Effect Potions (Fermented Spider Eye)

How to make potions in Minecraft

To make potions in Minecraft, you need to have a potion stand. If you already have it, you can access it from cooking menu. At the top of the menu you will see three empty spaces that They are the key to the practice of alchemy.. If you've never done this, don't worry, it's pretty easy to use.

The only thing you need to do is place three alchemy items in each slot. We obtain these elements by filling a glass jar with any source of water and then with the ingredient we need for our potion. Once this is done, the potion holder will do its job and voila, you have the potion!

Basic ingredients for making potions

Before I show you a list with all the potions that can be made in Minecraft, I need to tell you What are the main ingredients you should have?. These ingredients are the basis for any type of potion you want to make, so before you can do alchemy, you'll need to fill your inventory with them. Some of the most important:

basic potions

Basic potions are solvents that will allow you to create different types of potions that can be brewed in Minecraft. These though don't have much effect, are usually composed of different ingredients to give the end results unique characteristics. Increase the duration, make them throwable, create effects and others. To make basic potions, you should memorize the following recipes:

Strengthening potions

These are potions that allow get a positive effect increasing your character's attributes. Learn how to make power up potions in Minecraft:

Side Effect Potions (Fermented Spider Eye)

These types of potions are made from Fermented Spider Eyeand, as their name indicates, have an adverse effect compared to the original potions, causing adverse effect of your base potion. The adverse effects potions in Minecraft that you can prepare are as follows:

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