30 things you should never search on Google

When searching the Internet, you may come across sites that can damage your sensitivity and even lead to disorders due to the fact that images will remain in your memory that you simply were not supposed to see, so there are things you should avoid when searching the internet. While the Internet is our best tool for finding any type of investigative or entertainment content, you will always be exposed to pages that really may affect you.

The Google browser is a world full of all kinds of search temptations. However, you should be clear that while searching for grotesque content is legal in many cases, It's not safe for you as you can log into the database if you have any suspicions. So take your time and see what 30 things you should never search on Google.

  1. Symptoms of diseases
  2. Cancer
  3. anxious animals
  4. your name
  5. Terrorism
  6. What is birth?
  7. spider bites
  8. Weapons or weapon creation
  9. Stunning faces or terrifying images
  10. Elephantsitis
  11. abortion
  12. snake bites
  13. blood
  14. Drugs
  15. Symptoms of injury
  16. Syndromes
  17. Suicides
  18. Mortality from car accidents
  19. Scary
  20. Deep web videos
  21. Snuff
  22. wounded in the war
  23. Politicians from your country for bullying purposes
  24. Vomit
  25. Pubic lice
  26. Goiter
  27. Amputations
  28. Coprophagia or fetishes
  29. Unverified dating sites
  30. Fractures
  31. Obey the Walrus

Symptoms of diseases

At any point in your life, you may experience severe illness or discomfort, chronic or temporary. If you're going to look up your symptoms online to figure out what's bothering you, you will find exaggerated results and they will only force you to enter the fort unnecessary alarm status. Therefore, it is best to consult a doctor.

30 things you shouldn't search on Google - symptoms of diseases


Although searches for this disease on the Internet are carried out by people who are seeking informational purposes only or who are medical students, in some other cases it may hurt sensitivity from many people who are in this constant struggle.

anxious animals

Looking for exotic animals on Google could be an interesting topicbut you can also find many marine or terrestrial species, the appearance of which could reach upset your stomach or make you bristle because his appearance This can get very frustrating.

your name

As stupid as it may sound, it's possible turns out to be for you curious to look you up online Even if you are a person whom almost no one knows. Simply entering your full first and last names into a search engine can become risky activityThe Internet is full of people who they can hack your computer and get all your personal information.

30 Things You Shouldn't Search for Your Name on Google


You should think very carefully before entering this word into a search engine. The simple act of searching This will give you access to the FBI database.did you do it just out of curiosity? won't save you from a little crawling your online activities.

30 things you shouldn't search on Google

What is birth?

Unless you are a doctor who specializes in this field, or perhaps you are a very sensitive person, even worse if you are a woman, seeing images of a baby being born or watching a video can make you destroy your faith that childbirth is a wonderful job. Without a doubt, birth images are very powerful.

spider bites

The bite of any poisonous insect is very strong, in some cases it is also very repulsive or shocking for the eyes of people who are not used to seeing such things. In addition to affect your sensitivityit can also give you intense fears that you probably didn't have before about these species.

Weapons or weapon creation

Extensive search for firearms or knives They will alert government agencies which process all this type of information. Although this is not a very serious activity, you may arouse suspicion if these are searches that you do constantly.

Stunning faces or terrifying images

You should always be careful with anything you look for, especially everything before bed to sleep, because all the content that your brain processes before this action will be deeply imprinted in your subconscious. Terrorist searches can reach affects you a lot.


Elephantitis is a rare syndrome characterized by exaggerated height in some parts of the body. If you search on the Internet for this disease, you will experience dislike or disgust seeing this human anomaly.


Abortion itself is a highly controversial political issue in many countries where it is currently not accepted under any circumstances. If you don't want your thoughts to be in alarm state for this content type, Avoid this at all costs.

snake bites

Like spider bites, snake bites can affect your sensitivity and cause you much more fear before these exotic species. By Googling any bite from this land animal, you will be able to find images in its entirety. shocking that will show you deformities.


Mountains are graphic and extreme violence in the world of cinema where they are shown. bloody and explicit scenes without any censorship mutilation or murder. The last thing you need is to fill your brain with these rotten atrocities, it's best to avoid this type of content at all costs.


Searching for any type of drug can be quite labor intensive. under the control of technological safety authorities, who fight every day to prevent the sale of all types of drugs over the Internet. If you happen to come across a seller while searching for it online, you will ran into a legal problem.

30 Things You Shouldn't Look for on Google Drugs

Symptoms of injury

Typically, if you have a symptom or condition, you turn to the Internet for information about it, which This usually turns out to be wrong. This will create great fear in you because the results are exaggeratedIt's better to go to the doctor right away.

30 Things You Shouldn't Google Trauma Symptoms


Unless you are a medical student, viewing images or videos of people or children with some type of syndrome will really shocking and sometimes even unpleasant thereby achieving affect your sensitivity.


You should be aware that when playing this type of video or searching for images, you may disrespect for receptivity relatives of those who decided to commit suicide and due to very bad luck, were recorded in the interface.

Mortality from car accidents

It is unpleasant to witness the death of any living creature, especially if it is as sudden as in a car accident. It will greatly affect your sensitivity and the healthy process of your subconscious mind filling your mind with these images or videos.

30 Things You Shouldn't Search on Google Car Accident Deaths


Even if you are a horror lover, filling your brain with this type of content will affect your mind and make you will keep you full of dark thoughts. The internet is full of ghosts, fears and paranormal activity. Be very careful with these searches If you don't want nightmares.

Deep web videos

Avoid visiting this website at all costs as it will likely lead you to FBI search engine. You should be extremely careful in this search if the last thing you want is to be tormented for the rest of your life witness even living murders.

30 Things You Shouldn't Search on Google Deep Web


Snuff is defined as a sequence of torture, suicide, murder and other content that is truly They can make you feel really bad if you meet one of them. Just Don't do this search online.

wounded in the war

Although these are simply wonderful people who gave their lives for the good of the nation, many of them ended very poorly. Burnt alive, victims of torture and other forms of death and accidents that undoubtedly leave them with a completely unrecognizable face.

Politicians from your country for bullying purposes

Surely, while you are reading this post, you have lost the desire to search for many types of content, you see that you can enter the database and be subject to investigation if you search Stupid things like a politician from your country doing something completely inappropriate.


While it would be even sillier to want to spend part of your time watching something as unpleasant as a person throwing up or vomiting, there are people who do it and seem to enjoy the madness, which is truly pure madness. rather awkward and disgusting picture.

Pubic lice

Why would you want to see pictures of pubic lice doing their job? It's really rather unpleasant image at first glance, this will automatically cause you to be strongly disgusted and disgusted.


The internet is full of a variety of disease-related content that will have a great impact on you if you are not from the medical field. A goiter is a completely abnormal neoplasm, due to which neck in a different and unpleasant way.


The internet is truly a very dark world and you can find even the most unthinkable things like amputations that you recorded it live. If you don't want to get into legal trouble with this kind of search, just don't do it, it's not for nothing nice or fun.

Coprophagia or fetishes

Unless you're a sexually open person, it's best not to put anything related to fetishes into your search engine, much less coprophagy, which is very crazy defined as voluntary ingestion of feces. If you've ever done a search like this you will experience much more than disgust and shock.

Unverified dating sites

Although it is very common nowadays to use online dating sites to find love, this is one of them. an action that you should take with great caution. Try to go to dating sites that are verified and have a good reputation to avoid bad time with some stranger.


Fractures can range from the mildest to the most severe in unimaginable areas throughout the body. These images really aren't not pleasing to the eye at alland again, unless you work in the medical field, this may create in yourself negative effect.

Obey the Walrus

This video shows a homosexual man with inconvenient physical deformity dance a dark song. This character in the video makes movements that could be... unpleasant and shocking for some, in addition to the fact that they look really alarming.

If you are sensitive and feel that your mind is not ready to process any image or video that takes you out of your comfort zone, after reading this post you will know about it. Things you should never Google like this Don't disturb your subconscious. Also, remember that you may also get into trouble if you perform a compromising search.

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