Antivirus Online: the best alternatives for online file analysis

Although they are not a complete replacement for conventional antiviruses, popular Online antivirus is a good alternative for quick analysis. and effectively use your computer to look for potential risks. With this type of online tools, you will not only be able to detect the presence of malware on your system, but also You can eliminate them and end the problem at the root..

However, there are hundreds of free antivirus programs on the Internet that you can access without downloading them. The question is which ones are really worth it and provide good results. If you are also interested in the same, then you have come to the right place as below you will see a list of what they are. best online antivirus you can get on the internet to analyze files on your computer.

  1. Total virus
  2. ESET Online Scanner
  3. Panda Cloud Cleaner
  4. SecurityDetectives
  5. Kaspersky Threat Intelligence portal
  6. MetaDefender
  7. VirScan
  8. AntiScan
  9. Doctor Web
  10. F-Secure online scanner
  11. Giotti

Total virus


Wide recognized as the best and most famous online antivirus on the network, Total virus is a complete tool that allows you to analyze files hosted in the cloud by simply providing a link to them, which helps prevent malicious files from being downloaded. In addition, it is possible analyze deleted files on your computer's hard drive fast.

For all this, Virus Total uses no less than 70 antivirus engines, which are updated daily with all the logs provided by antivirus companies around the world. As if that weren't enough, Virus Total is a platform easy to use and completely ad-free, which is definitely something to thank for a tool that can be so useful. Likewise, this online antivirus, which absolutely freeoffers Customer service.

You can login to this site using the following link:

ESET Online Scanner

Eset online scanner

The famous ESET antivirus also has an online tool to scan and find threats on your computer for free without having to purchase the full version of the antivirus. This tool, known as ESET Online Scanner You need to download a file about 6 MB in size. which allows the antivirus to scan your entire computer and after using it, you can remove it without any inconvenience.

If you download this file and scan your computer, your antivirus will show you list of all infected files and will allow you to choose which ones you want to delete or quarantine. Another big advantage is that it Available for both Windows and MAC OS.. Additionally, it is capable of analyzing your own browser and determining if there are any web browsing vulnerabilities.

You can login to this site using the following link:

Panda Cloud Cleaner

panda cloud cleaner

Like ESET, the famous Panda antivirus also has its online version known as Panda Cloud Cleaner. This powerful tool allows you to do exactly what you are looking for: perform a full scan of your computer to detect any type of riska malicious file or internal conflict that is negatively affecting your computer's performance.

Performing this scan absolutely free and deserves only download the executable file weighing only 30 MB. It will only help you scan and offer you a detailed list of the results obtained. Here you can choose which files you want to delete and which to quarantine. And all this without having to buy a full-fledged antivirus, since Panda Cloud Cleaner performs the entire process online and guarantees good results.

You can login to this site using the following link:


security detectives

Cloud service SecurityDetectivesAlthough it is not an online antivirus, it deserves a place on this list due to its excellent free vulnerability scanner. In this sense, it is a tool that does not require registration or any download and that by simply launching it from its website, it will perform a complete analysis of your computer.

At the same time, the instrument itself It will show you a list with all the vulnerabilities. what is on your computer and how to fix each of them. For this reason, it can be extremely useful because it does not delete files, but rather allows you to do it yourself and determine whether it is necessary to filter out any type of files that may have been incorrectly identified as a threat.

You can login to this site using the following link:

Kaspersky Threat Intelligence portal


What could be better than an online antivirus based on Kaspersky databases? Considering that we are talking one of the most effective antiviruses in the world. So you are faced with a free service that allows you to analyze Internet domains, IP addresses, URLs and files on your computer. All this with the purpose of detecting the presence of viruses or any type of malware.

So this tool offers you list of results with each item of questionable validity so you can decide what to do about it. The best thing is that Kaspersky Theart Intelligence portal does not require any downloadsas it does this entire process directly from its website.

You can login to this site using the following link:



MetaDefender another online antivirus known for its reliability and good results, since uses more than 35 antivirus engines recognize through analysis potential risks and malicious files found on your computer, IP address or link provided to its own platform.

MetaDefender is absolutely free and has very easy to use web platform in which you just need to select the type of element that you want to scan and wait until the tool itself performs a full analysis to see statistics of threats found and the names of those files that may compromise your security.

You can login to this site using the following link:



A free and very simple online antivirus is VirScan. Its function is very simple, but quite specific and effective.: Allows you to analyze files on your computer individually and determine if they pose any hidden threats or malware. As a limitation, VirScan only allows you to scan files no larger than 20 MB.

However, using this tool you can achieve quite reliable results, since it is possible to detect viruses even in files that are usually not recognized by a conventional antivirustherefore, it is an interesting option to consider in many cases.

You can login to this site using the following link:



Using an operation similar to Virus Total and MetaDefender, AntScan This is an online antivirus that It works entirely from the browser and uses 26 different antivirus engines. perform a comprehensive analysis of any file on your computer that we want to scan.

AntiScan It's free and quite easy to use.. And while it's not as versatile as other options since it doesn't allow you to analyze URLs and IP addresses, it does a very good job when it comes to quickly and reliably detecting threats in files on your PC.

You can login to this site using the following link:

Doctor Web

doctor Web

Simple, neat and effective, that's how it is Doctor Weba completely free online tool that allows you to enter a link or select a file on your computer and based on this, perform a deep analysis of the element for hidden threats or malware of any type.

After that Doctor Web provides a report with all scan details and will tell you whether there is any infection or not. It has a very simple and intuitive interface, so using this online antivirus is a very good option to analyze your computer.

You can login to this site using the following link:

F-Secure online scanner

f secure online scanner

F-Secure Online Scanner is an antivirus that offers you the ability Perform a full scan of your computer for free by simply downloading the file and run it only once. Unlike a regular antivirus, F-Secure online scanner This is not an antivirus that requires installation, as it depends on an Internet connection to work and only requires you to download a file, grant permissions, and thoroughly scan your computer.

The scanning performed by this tool is extremely reliable and guarantees detection of any type of malicious file or a threat that could compromise your cybersecurity. The best thing is that the antivirus itself is responsible for eliminating these threats without having to worry about anything.

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Giotti antivirus

Want analyze files up to 250 MB in size stored on your computer via online antivirus? Don't worry, Giotti This allows you not only to analyze them using an antivirus, but also to analyze websites in parallel. It's because This tool compiles the algorithms of other antiviruses listed in this list. and scans them through its databases, so you have a better chance of getting reliable results in a short time.

Another big advantage of Jotti is that it allows youFinalize up to 5 files at once without any inconvenience, so you will save time if you want to analyze multiple files.

You can login to this site using the following link:

As you have seen in this post, there are many online antiviruses that are very effective in analyzing your computer. You can use any from this collection as based on comments and experience, these are the best options available on the internet today.

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