Gmail: Google email, what it is and how it works

Gmail is an email or email messaging service that part of Google's G Suite environment, which is free and includes the integration of a number of applications and tools that allow you to communicate with other Internet users through a variety of means. These range from email to instant messaging and even internet and video calls.

Know the features, functions and utilities of Gmail. This will allow any user of the said platform to not only send email effectively, but also take advantage of all the features offered by the Google G Suite environment.

  1. Characteristics
  2. Available platforms
  3. What is this for?
  4. Gmail Utilities
  5. Gmail for Business
  6. Alternatives
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Gmail has unique features that make it easy and secure for users to use. So, some of the most notable ones are:

  • A minimalistic user interface written with AJAX and HTML + CSS, which ensures smooth navigation even from older generation programs. Plus, it's available in dozens of languages ​​and dialects.
  • It has a multi-level SSL encryption system, which ensures secure access to every user. Additionally, it has a built-in antivirus search option using the Avast extension for received emails, which avoids and prevents the downloading of potentially dangerous files.
  • Have Ample storage space that reaches 15GB for free, which is used to store emails and files of different formats. This is due to its integration with Google Drive cloud storage. It also allows online reading of documents, spreadsheets, slides, etc.
  • He has a system filters responsible for automatic cataloging of received lettersdividing them into promotional emails, spam emails, important emails, etc. Its sensitivity can also be changed according to the user's needs.

Available platforms

Gmail is also present on most of the platforms widely used today. In this sense, the characteristics of each of these versions are as follows:

For PC browsers

This the most common way to connect to the mail service. To do this, simply enter link to the page, register or connect as appropriate. Additionally, it can be accessed by all browsers and also offers platform downloads in HTML format, which is the most flexible option for slow browsers or computers.

Gmail for Android

You can also download and install the Gmail app for Android. from Google games. Specifically designed to save time and make your email messages more efficient.


Gmail for iOS

You can download the Gmail app directly from the site App StoreWorks on both iPad and iPhone. The app offers all email featureswhere you can view, receive, filter and send emails just like you would in a browser.

What is this for?

Gmail is for access various services or applications via email account, associated with the Google system. Allows you to use many additional features when sending and receiving messages, such as using video calls through Google Hangouts or scheduling events in Google Calendar.

Additionally, by having a Gmail account, you can connect to other platforms without having to register as Google links its system, allowing users to access via email.

Also allows you to create, edit, upload and share documents with other users from Gmail via the Google Drive application.

Gmail Utilities

Some of them make email easier to use and can be used to organize any account.

  • Maybe organize all emails in your inbox input using labels and tabs. These can be configured in the configuration menu (indicated by a gear symbol), allowing each email to be cataloged beyond the system's default settings.
  • Additionally, from the configuration menu you can enable auto reply optionsthrough which a personalized message will be sent to any email address from which the email is sent.
  • Another little-known Gmail utility is ability to set up as domain accounts for some hosting services. Thus, the owners of one of them can receive and store all emails sent to the hosting.

Gmail for Business

Gmail too offers personalized services for companies on a fee basis. So G Suite, the name for Google's environment of tools and apps, is also the name for Gmail's business services.

This dedicated email platform has several features that set it apart from the free Gmail service. Some of them:

  • Increased email privacy and securityalso gives developers the ability to centrally manage corporate accounts.
  • Allows you to replace the domain with your own.
  • This is absolutely no ads or automatic adsalthough not free from spam.


  • Available in 71 languages: In addition to Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Gmail also offers Catalan, Galician, French (Canada), Chinese (Hong Kong), Afrikaans, Armenian, Georgian, Laotian, Mongolian, Zulu and more.
  • Message filter: The Gmail inbox is configured to filter out priority or important messages from advertising or spam.
  • Sending simultaneous messages: Unlike other email providers, Gmail offers the ability to send 4 or more different messages to different recipients at the same time.
  • Sending automatic replies: It has a special feature in the settings menu that allows the user to set a default reply for the holiday seasons or as an automatic reply option to your clients or contacts to save time and keep in touch.
  • Allows you to work offline: Among the various options of Gmail is the ability to work offline, which is quite useful when the user does not have Internet: this way, messages will be sent when the device resumes using data.
  • Forecasting tips: To save as much time as possible on writing emails, Gmail has a spelling prediction feature. According to the user, based on his behavior in other messages, Gmail suggests possible words to use, which he can insert by simply pressing the "Tab" key on his keyboard.


  • 25 MB limit for sending files: Unlike other competitors, Gmail limits itself to a maximum of 25MB per message for sending media files.
  • Some features are only available in some languages: Some external Google Labs applications are only available in certain languages.
  • Requires Google Chrome: Some Google Labs features are not compatible with external browsers, so use of Google Chrome is required.


Apart from Gmail, there are other platforms that offer email services for free and with very useful features. Among this group the following platforms can be distinguished:


This is a new and modern version of Hotmail., which combines various Microsoft features in a simple and user-friendly way. On this server, you can import email addresses from Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail or Windows Mail without any problems.

Like Gmail, it offers 15GB of storage.. The big advantage of this email provider is that you can import contacts from Facebook to send messages. To access Outlook, use this link.


Although it had some difficulties at first, at present its appearance and other necessary factors have improved greatly, making Yahoo one of the best Gmail alternatives. It, like its competitor from Google, can be used on different operating systems (Android, iOS and Windows).

Its biggest difference is that it offers 1TB of storage., has much more space than other email providers, it also allows you to import contacts from social networks and has an anti-spam filter like Gmail. Additionally, it allows you to send files up to 2GB in size in a single message, which is a big advantage for those who need to send and receive very large files. Register or log in to Yahoo using your Web portal.


Gmail was first announced to the public on April 1, 2004 as an email provider. This giant began as a small project that was accessible only to internal Google employees.

However, before this corporation accepts it as an email service, used by, a website inspired by a comic strip about the same lasagna-loving character.. After the service was moved to another domain, the service was discontinued and Google decided to make it their own.

Over time, Gmail's position grew and in November 2012, it managed to surpass its biggest competitor Outlook, which until then was the most used by users around the world. With a modest 287.9 ​​million registered users, it has become the public's first choice as an email provider.

Currently this platform It has several options that allow the user to perform various tasks.from planning events, using video calls, creating, editing and sharing documents with others to tracking mobile devices and sending geographic coordinates - all from one account.

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