How to create a Google account

Sign up for Google This is necessary for various reasons: to access the official Google Play store, create a YouTube channel, main Gmail email and other services.

These and other benefits that come with have a Google account. In the following article, we offer you a detailed and irrefutable guide to how to create a google account.

  1. How to register with Google
  2. From Android or iOS
  3. What to do after creating an account
  4. Services you can use your new Google account for

How to register with Google

Google allows register an account in two ways: with one new gmail account or, using existing email account (from other email providers). The decision is, of course, yours: if you are not interested in a new email address, your best option would be to create a Google account with your existing email address.

  1. First of all, open Google registration page from your browser
    How to Create a Google Account from PC, Step 1
  2. In the form that appears enter your personal information:
    • First and last name.
    • Username if you need a Gmail email address but want to use that instead an email address that you already have on another service (for example, or click "I prefer to use my current email address."
    • Enter your password and password confirmation.
  3. Click on the "Next".
  4. In this new window you should fill in some information optional, such as a phone number or recovery email address, and other required information, such as date of birth. After that, click "Next".How to Create a Google Account from PC, Step 5
  5. You will now be redirected to a new window where you can read the terms of service. It is advisable to read them and then press the “” button.I agree".
  6. And that's it, you have already created your Google account.

Once your account is created, you will be taken to the section main account settings page, within which you can configure everything related to this. You can assign a profile photo, adjust privacy settings, and other settings.

From Android or iOS

Performing this procedure from Android and iOS devices is simple and you have two options for this. You can do it from your mobile browser following the steps mentioned in the previous section, or downloading the application relevant from app stores using the following buttons:

Typically, these apps are already installed on Android phones, but on iOS phones (iPhone), you need to download them from the App Store. The registration process in applications is the same as on a computer.

What to do after creating an account

A Google account gives you access to a lot of features, with hundreds of free services at your disposal. However, to keep your account safe and avoid losing it, you need to take certain measures to avoid this.

  • Add a phone number for account recovery: It is important to have a phone number associated with your account so that you can recover it when you no longer have access to it via text message. You can do it from
  • Add a recovery email address: It's also important to have a backup email address assigned to your Google account so that you can recover it even without your phone with you. You can edit it from
    Remember that you can perform these first two steps directly in the registry, as shown in the first procedure detailed in this post.
  • Keep your password safe, keep it private, and change it regularly.
  • Download Google apps on your mobile phone to get the most out of your account.

Then there is only enjoy your new Google account!

Services you can use your new Google account for

Finally, you might be interested where you can use your Google account. Here are some of the most notable services that will allow you to get the most out of your Google account:

  • Seeker: With your Google account, you can receive personalized search recommendations.
  • YouTube- Without a doubt, the largest video community on the Internet.
  • Android- You can use your Google account to sync contacts on Android, as well as sign in to the Play Store and other services.
  • Google Drive- Save and edit your files with this powerful online office platform.
  • Google Keep: Are you afraid of losing important information? With Google Keep, store your notes in the cloud.
  • Google Maps- Get personalized route recommendations with your Google account.
  • AdWords and AdSense: Do you want to monetize your website or advertise on millions of websites? These tools are for you.
  • Google Chrome- Save your bookmarks, history and other information by signing in to your Google account in this browser.

For more information about all the Google services you can use with your account, go to our productson

As you've seen in this post, creating a Google account is extremely easy. The procedure to do this from a PC or mobile phone is similar. The big difference is that on mobile phones you can download an app from the store and get more out of your account. You just need to follow each of the steps mentioned in this post to be able to do it.

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