How to install Google Chromecast on your computer

For install Google Chromecast on PC First you need to set it up so that it connects directly to your TV. When connected, the device will prompt you to install the Google Home app on your Android phone. Subsequently, you need to open the application and follow the given steps to continue with the setup. It's a simple process that will allow you to watch internet videos and movies on your TV or computer.

This Google device allows share screen to provide you with a better user experience by being able to use your computer or TV screen. Any video you want to project from another platform like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and even movies stored on your computer's internal memory. In this article you will see how to configure and install Google Chromecast on PC fast and easy.

  1. Steps to configure
  2. Set up Chromecast on your computer
  3. Send videos using apps

Steps to configure

Setting up Google Chromecast is the first step, followed by installing the app on your computer. Here you will create your account and select the devices you want to link with this tool. Once this point is cleared, follow the steps mentioned below to set up Chromecast:

  1. Connect your Chromecast device to HDMI input from TV.
  2. Now leave one end of the USB cable connected to "Chromecast"
  3. Connect the other end to TV USB port.
  4. Use TV control go to entrance "HDMI" You will see a welcome screen asking you to download the application.Google home page"
  5. Download the app"Google home page» from the Google Play store.
  6. When you open the application, the installation wizard will ask you select a Gmail account. After this, you need to press the button “Start off"
  7. IN "New devices", press "Set up new devices in your home"
  8. Place name and directionand press "Next"
  9. Share location.
  10. Select the device to connect Chromecast to and click "Next"
  11. Same thing on your phone and TV screen Verification code.
  12. If you want to help Chromecast improve your experience, click "Yeah" and select the location where the screen you just linked to is located.
  13. Connect it to a Wi-Fi network from your house. This completes the process.

Set up Chromecast on your computer

After successfully setting up your Chromecast device, you can add your computer as a server to send any type of audiovisual content to the devices you have paired or connected. In this case, follow these steps to install Google Chromecast on PC:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Install an extension called "video stream"
  3. Press "Add to Chrome"
  4. Then click "Add to app"
  5. Now open the application and click on the buttonParameter"
  6. Select the option "Media library"
  7. Click the option "Add a new folder"
  8. Select the folder where you save the movies or audiovisual content.
  9. From the Google Store, download "video stream" to use your phone as a remote control.
  10. Swipe right twice and tap "Let's go to"
  11. Press "Connect to my computer now" You should see a notification on your computer screen asking you to pair your phone with the Google app in your browser. Select the option "Connect (your phone model name) now" In this case, both devices will be connected.
  12. Now you can watch movies that are on your computer on your phone. To see one of them, select the one you like best, click "Look” and Chromecast will ask you which paired device you want to watch it on.

Send videos using apps

With Chromecast, you can send a movie or video of your choice to any screen in your home (linked to earlier). For example, some browsers and video platforms such as YouTube and Netflix display "Transfer" icon. When you click this button, a window will appear indicating which screen you want to play the video on. In this case, you just need to choose the one that you like best.

Google Chromecast is a very useful and effective device for connecting to any screen in the house. Setting it up is easy and the steps required have been explained in the previous sections. install Google Chromecast on PC. Thanks to this, you will be able to use your computer as a server running applications downloaded on your smartphone.

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